Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Called to a meeting with the principal

Started by moe83ccc


Started by SteveSteve

iPhone 6: Can I get a plan here?

Started by BigEaredHylian

Fish hobby

Started by Nokcha

Cleaning air conditioner

Started by Maggie Magic

Why are customs holding Iherb orders for so long?

Started by kiwikimchi


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Shortness of breath in apartment!

Started by jujubelle

Where can you order hot sauce?

Started by weigookin74

If I try to buy 불닭볶음면 will the cashier stop me, saying ''too spicy for foreigner

Started by spurdosparde

Can I have a monthly cellphone contract plus a pre-pay contract in Korea?

Started by airdrieboy1984

Incheon Asian Games Poster

Started by poke

My Sassy Girl tree. Where is it?

Started by hulme187

What's up with E Mart Traders and Lotte Vics?

Started by weigookin74

What do you think about 비정상회담 (The TV talk show with foreigner dudes)

Started by druzzrug

Strangled by Samsung employee

Started by SeoulCaliber

Woori Pop Card (T-money cashback)

Started by Koenji

Rules about camping

Started by Artisis

will the KRW break 1000/usd?

Started by basic69isokay

MOVED: Update on clothes shopping in Seoul?

Started by taeyang

Flat tire story

Started by EvilToast

What is the foreign population like outside of Seoul?

Started by theworks

What's your favorite place in Seoul?

Started by BigEaredHylian

Attending graduate school on an E-2 visa

Started by rhchris1

Eye glasses and things.

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Tencel / Lyocell Fabric Question

Started by dell

Black out curtains

Started by Constantly Curious

Att: All Girls (waxing)

Started by Yaya

Have you adjusted to working in Korea?

Started by whitemapleleaf

MOVED: Interesting thought about the arts.

Started by taeyang

A Rapidly Changing World- Where does Korea fit?

Started by saram_

Increase in negative media towards foreign teachers in the horizon?

Started by kitster1

H1 visa. Is there anyone on an H1 visa?

Started by mungyeoungyogi

Is there anywhere online or anything I can download to help my pronounciation?

Started by spurdosparde

More Waygook Confessions

Started by drgenderpotato

Apartment issues

Started by Maggie Magic

Newbies questions

Started by Maggie Magic

Random acts of kindness

Started by gtrain83

Where to buy tap shoes?

Started by hippiebanana13

Beard oil

Started by damof


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