Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Does Your School Ever Start Early?

Started by druzzrug

Wildlife in Korea

Started by ab2rown

KIIP Completion Rant...

Started by hiphopopotamus

New to Korea - Apt. Laundry room pipe - running water

Started by natashagwitt

How to enjoy the culture rather than enjoy yourself in the midst of the culture

Started by BigEaredHylian

"Washroom" vs "Restroom" vs "Bathroom" vs "Lavatory" vs "Toilet"

Started by ohitsgary

City or Countryside: For those of you who have done both here

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Secular international schools...why so rare?

Started by Artisis

REALLY struggling to settle in. HELP!!!

Started by nlumos

Just me, or has customs and the postal services been slow, lately?

Started by EvilToast

Seoul Central Dist. Survey

Started by bb

Why doesn't anyone sit in the front passenger's seat?

Started by kiwikimchi

Water bill dispute

Started by the_test

How much paper work do you have?

Started by moe83ccc

Police guide to self-defence in Korea

Started by scholes

Cable box smart card?

Started by seoulopathy

Learning Community Philosophy Groups in Korea?

Started by SweetFlaxAndBarley

"MSG is in everything"

Started by kiwikimchi

Tattoos and Teaching in Korea

Started by Mark.Scrooby

How's your love life in Korea?

Started by pdk847

delete please

Started by Summer

Passing inspection for a foreign car

Started by paulcjin

Where to buy birthday candles?

Started by hippiebanana13

Is it just me, or are Koreans getting fatter?

Started by druzzrug

"Aren't you cold?"

Started by weRborg

Sign language Saturday class

Started by Mokona

Have you dated any Koreans in Korea? What was the general reaction?

Started by spurdosparde

Survey for grad school

Started by ropfa

Any Entrepreneurs here?

Started by Peekingduck

The DDP and cool events!

Started by neekoolos

Funny things Koreans say in English

Started by jackdaniels

Places to meet Korean friends online

Started by Resolance

Truly happy/satisfied with teaching situation?

Started by xmoonchildx

Funny Taxi stories

Started by lee233

Are there any races in Korea that I can enter online (starting Spring 2015)?

Started by dafyddjones15

Where is the Auntie Anne's in Gumi?

Started by theory_

I seriously need some English friends...

Started by Peekingduck

Post Almond Flakes Cereal banned due to colon bacillus

Started by GoCyclones

japanese bath powder/salts ...

Started by oceancloud

Environmental work in Korea

Started by ab2rown


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