Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

English on Shirts in Korea

Started by bmsteacher

Softball League(s)

Started by NorthStar

Throwing eggs at the early morning, speaker blaring-bongo trucks

Started by obwannabe

Looking for recommendation: Netflix / Blu Ray / DVD player

Started by Inner Seoul

Where can I find cheapest price of used phones in Seoul or incheon

Started by cashclay

How to redeem points on your Happy Points card?

Started by kiwikimchi


Started by nick12345


Started by hle

Air mailing laptop home with Korean post?

Started by kiwikimchi

Myoung dong Korea

Started by gabbielove

If you don't want your children to be ill-mannered, stop making these 5 errors

Started by Cyanea

BC prepaid card and other prepaid credit cards without a bank account

Started by KiwiNFLFan

Best Place to Find Reliable News While Living in Korea?

Started by charbloom

What works better for you: hookup apps or hookup sites?

Started by haotico

Living outside of Seoul

Started by APH

Life after teaching in Korea

Started by johnpwessel

Are you a lifer?

Started by KimDuHan

Seoul 7th most expensive city

Started by eggieguffer

Help me name my child

Started by sfusiondj

Buying Women's Clothing - Question for Ladies!

Started by ciannagh

Where can we camp and fish for food near Incheon?

Started by cashclay

MOVED: No 4 year drgree.

Started by gagevt

Korea - bad for your teeth?

Started by daehanguk

Do you guys feel like we have job security here in Korea? (EPIK, Hakwon, etc)

Started by Sasstiel

Korean movies with English Subs resource? Netflix no good.

Started by tommybgoode

Best weekend getaways from Seoul

Started by tommybgoode

Your Go-To Breakfast

Started by JVPrice

Why are people incapable of opening doors with handles at the first attempt?

Started by AvecPommesFrites

Late late night travel?

Started by sepper

Fragrances you find works best for the Korean climate

Started by Aristocrat

Any foreign shopping sites that let you use a freight forwarder?

Started by OnNut81

Buying an air conditioner question?

Started by hangook77

Are there any korean type stores like costco??

Started by cashclay

110-240V Beard and Mustache Trimmer?

Started by leaponover

Pulling out of a signed lease before moving in

Started by obwannabe

Letter to the new foreign teacher

Started by evans

Shooting range in Busan

Started by thefantasticash

The Waygook Book: A Foreigner's Guide to South Korea

Started by MaTruCar

Young Child Has Both US and Korean Passport BUT Which One Does She Use?

Started by j3ss88

Seoul Baseball League

Started by jippolito


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