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Guys with size 10+ feet, where are you buying your shoes these days?

Started by damof

Natural clothes detergent...

Started by willinkorea

Swimming competitions?

Started by nebulasprout

Poll: How do you feel about your school (EPIK Teachers) ?

Started by Yaya

Seoul band looking for a drummer

Started by sredpath

How many of you still talk to old students?

Started by stemarty

How do you fellow drivers cope...

Started by The 13th Earl

Gym People: Strength Training Websites for Koreans? Strong Lifts 5x5?

Started by stotes

MOVED: Shipping packages haven't arrived

Started by taeyang

Mailing postcards to US

Started by Periwinkle

Gmarket bank transfer issues

Started by naturegirl321

Korean women flirting with your boyfriend?

Started by RUTHless

Should I give a wedding gift?

Started by ciannagh

Famous Foreigners in South Korea

Started by Lawrence

how long for packages to arrive from Canada

Started by tigersfan

MOVED: Aikido/Martial Arts in Seoul

Started by taeyang

[Event]2nd Seoul speed dating 6th Dec

Started by hapiten

Ssireum Wrestling Tournament

Started by Panther

Close Encounters of the Ajossi Kind

Started by CDW

Korean Police

Started by veganbiker

American rejected for job in Korea because of being black

Started by jeremydc808

Question for Candians - TESOL training.

Started by weigookin74

Personalised Coffee Mugs - Where to go?

Started by gidget

High quality coffee beans

Started by Mokona

Wire Transfer - Credit Card to Bank Account?

Started by AlivePoet

Where can I find League of Legends swag?

Started by Constantly Curious

Is the music in clubs the same as in gyms?

Started by BTeacher

Seeking Volunteers for Trial Korean Lesson

Started by bb

What is this address translated in Korean?

Started by Sweetrevenge355

Here's Ikea's address.

Started by weigookin74

Renewal Question

Started by Loki88

Here's a way to heat your room.

Started by weigookin74

Living near a military base or no?

Started by BigEaredHylian

What's worse than having a completely incompetent co-teacher?

Started by druzzrug

MOVED: Buying a Turkey in Korea

Started by taeyang

MOVED: English Speaking Haircut Place

Started by taeyang

Goyang to stop funding native teachers

Started by climber

What does this letter I received mean? (translate)

Started by Sweetrevenge355

Rude co-t

Started by Rosie_Swimmer

Question about boiler/floor heating

Started by Mitchflatt


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