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Korean TV is aces

Started by Ollie_Cromwell

Have you been sexually harassed at school?

Started by Aristocrat

The Grand Narrative

Started by Don Hobak


Started by raycar

What is your favourite movie theatre chain?

Started by kevingrabb

Minimum wage is now almost equal to am EPIK starting salary.

Started by hangook77

Importing American phone to Korea?

Started by Pidge

An insult driven takedown of “Korea has four seasons”

Started by Don Hobak

please delete

Started by raycar

Got a strange message from 119

Started by teacher0344

Things you wouldn’t let your child do if your Korean spouse were present

Started by Don Hobak

How do you deal with noise?

Started by Aristocrat

How to get over bitterness about Korea?...or do you?

Started by Jpdoescoffee

Maple Bear Education in Daegu (Dalseo-gu)

Started by jaysinflight

It's a caracal!

Started by Aristocrat

Iksan, North Jeolla Province??????

Started by jaysinflight

Did every speed camera just go online?

Started by Aristocrat

Canadians rejoice kraft dinner is sold now in Lotte mart and Costco

Started by KimDuHan

Watching K-league abroad

Started by APH


Started by Don Hobak

How to use Naver Pay

Started by illi

Gender disparity on Waygook

Started by L I

Searching for PhD Research - Korean American Married Couples willing to help!

Started by Kelemit

Piano Hagwons/practice options?

Started by tamahari

That's All She Wrote...!

Started by Titus Groan

Finished visa can keep bank account?

Started by hangook77

You get what you pay for (sometimes more, sometimes less)

Started by VanIslander

Anyone else up rn?

Started by Don Hobak

A female expat gets offended by a 4 year old Korea kid saying "hi" to her.

Started by hangook77

Grocery shopping

Started by Cyanea

What does "opening the beaches" mean in practical terms?

Started by fka

How does your family feel about you being in Korea?

Started by dippedinblush

Spousal Visa and a New Passport

Started by Kurt Sorensen

Seoul FC unjustly fined 100 million won for having sex dolls in the stands.

Started by plan b

Anyone having any luck with Amazon?

Started by OnNut81

Surgeon / dental masks.

Started by hangook77

Car ownership costs?

Started by bigfishlittlefish

Best Korean snacks (sweet or salty)

Started by dippedinblush

Lotteria changed?

Started by hangook77

getting loan on pension due ?

Started by SuperDoodle23


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