Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Have you ever seen this?

Started by madison79

Overly affectionate father?

Started by CDW

What (Koreans think) foreigners think about Koreans.

Started by Toshiba

MOVED: Best hamburger and or pizza in Korea? Why?

Started by taeyang

Vintage Shops Question

Started by pony

Where can I find out where Korean movies play with Eng Subtitles.

Started by CO2

taxes in korea

Started by cashclay

Tax Free Shopping

Started by grey

Cycling the wrong way down a street...

Started by The 13th Earl

MOVED: Salsa dancing in Changwon

Started by taeyang

University Position

Started by busanman

Is viewing "adult material" on the web illegal here?

Started by Toshiba

What Koreans think of Foreigner

Started by Mister Tim

How late do express buses run?

Started by cashclay

serving in the Korean military?

Started by teacher2004

MOVED: Soccer team Spitfires are looking for new players

Started by taeyang

Gas tax refund Shinhan???

Started by teacher2004

Golf in South Korea (Southern Areas)

Started by Enzo

Vacation is coming! Can you taste it.

Started by Zealot_Hill

dual citizenship

Started by cashclay

MCL/ACL/LCL/Meniscus Surgery or general knee treatment in Korea?

Started by vietpham

pros and cons contract renewal

Started by bagel

It is normal during Lasik/Lasek consultation to not see or speak to the doctor?

Started by Korea13

Who is the most memorable Korean you've ever met and why?

Started by CO2

Do you know 영국남자??!!!

Started by The Arm

A Question of love, marriage, and the ultimate compromise.

Started by mrtriathleet

Making friends in Korea?

Started by Koreaboo44

Transporting a Bike

Started by Eros

Domestic Shipping Question

Started by Summer

What wakes you in the middle of the night in Korea?

Started by Zealot_Hill

Found a very expensive baby parrot... Want to find owner

Started by mr

Life advice

Started by Maggie Magic

Little changes you've noticed.

Started by Pattinsons

Wedding costs in Korea

Started by cjszk

Weird experience at McDonald's

Started by CDW

FAO Americans who got married in Korea

Started by underworld9202

Electronic stamp? from bank or post office needed for hospital appointment?

Started by kiwikimchi

Dog Looking For A Forever Home

Started by MartinBrez

Lost my ARC with one month left in Korea. Get a new one or not?

Started by kiwikimchi

$16 million USD of contaminated rice cakes sold. wtf!

Started by prplbuttercups


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