Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Where do the clothes go?

Started by lalateacha

IKEA shipping

Started by EditHero

Differences between Western (US/Canada) driving and Korean driving

Started by ChickenLegsMcGee

What's with medicine and weekends here?

Started by weigookin74

Why no rubbish bins anywhere?

Started by Powerdome

NH remittance

Started by ppolicherla91

Waygook Meetings

Started by Nick P

1-2 months left on phone contract?

Started by Embarr

Fort Hays State University summer intensive TESOL certification program (Busan)

Started by ashay86

I have a tent, I like the outdoors. Any good ideas for free, natural camping?

Started by CO2

What's the English phone number for customs at Incheon?

Started by kiwikimchi

Pension Question

Started by Constantly Curious

Mattress pad/topper

Started by Imogen1991

thinking of moving to Ulsan. Any thoughts? What's the scene over there?

Started by holamyamigo

Can you get a tetanus shot at doctors?

Started by kiwikimchi

Life Drawing Sessions (figure drawing)

Started by seoulartscene

Art Classes in Seoul

Started by seoulartscene

Gamers in Korea. What ping do you typically get for North American servers?

Started by BidioG

Short Courses?

Started by ohitsgary

Anyone have any change in health or medical problems living in korea?

Started by Koreaboo44

Mothers Day on Sunday. Call her.

Started by madison79

Vitamix selling at Costco

Started by vietpham

Kpop stars making fun of people speaking Korean

Started by weRborg

Has this ever happened to you?

Started by mrc45

which is the best and most widely used certificate?

Started by cashclay


Started by nehalem911

Ask Native Korean Speakers Questions On Demand

Started by DoneNow

Killing my dreams.

Started by weigookin74

Is there anybody want to be a home chef?

Started by anispoon

Deokjeok Party Island 2015 - Level 1 (The Alcohol Orgasm)

Started by fdny

Shh! Only through body

Started by mimefestival1

Russian food in Korea

Started by Lawrence

street scam? (2 shoulder bag people stopping passers by)

Started by pigeonfart

Customer Service in Korea

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Has anyone used Hanbill for their gas?

Started by gidget

poker in incheon does ne1 know of any?

Started by cashclay

getting your criminal background from the USA

Started by cashclay

korean dating sites

Started by cashclay

ipin mad confusing to sign up for

Started by blazejohnny03

Dry Skin... Product suggestions?

Started by chavezc


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