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pros and cons contract renewal

Started by bagel

It is normal during Lasik/Lasek consultation to not see or speak to the doctor?

Started by Korea13

Who is the most memorable Korean you've ever met and why?

Started by CO2

Do you know 영국남자??!!!

Started by The Arm

A Question of love, marriage, and the ultimate compromise.

Started by mrtriathleet

Making friends in Korea?

Started by Koreaboo44

Transporting a Bike

Started by Eros

Domestic Shipping Question

Started by Summer

What wakes you in the middle of the night in Korea?

Started by Zealot_Hill

Found a very expensive baby parrot... Want to find owner

Started by mr

Life advice

Started by Maggie Magic

Little changes you've noticed.

Started by Pattinsons

Wedding costs in Korea

Started by cjszk

Weird experience at McDonald's

Started by CDW

FAO Americans who got married in Korea

Started by underworld9202

Electronic stamp? from bank or post office needed for hospital appointment?

Started by kiwikimchi

Dog Looking For A Forever Home

Started by MartinBrez

Lost my ARC with one month left in Korea. Get a new one or not?

Started by kiwikimchi

$16 million USD of contaminated rice cakes sold. wtf!

Started by prplbuttercups

Sea fishing in South Korea

Started by seoulboundagain

what is a good stock screener for korean stocks?

Started by cashclay

"Attempted Delivery Abroad" Now what?

Started by smackle3

MERS. Is it over?

Started by englishrose

Fish oil and vitamin d now prohibited on iherb

Started by kiwikimchi

How to get from Ansan to the Vally M festival site?

Started by kiwikimchi

Jejudo beaches

Started by popeye2u

Can U.S. Civilians Get on Base for Independence Day With Just Passport?

Started by peachkitten

Anything to get rid of fruit flies?

Started by Say what?!

Why don't Koreans look where they're going?

Started by The 13th Earl

Any Current or Recent YBM Jeogno, Seoul Employee?

Started by matthews_world

why does everything feel so restrictive here

Started by bagel

Any societies or clubs worth joining in Seoul to meet new people?

Started by elsnoop

Seoul societies or clubs. Any recommendations?

Started by elsnoop

Watch out ladies. (Korean issues)

Started by weigookin74

where can i buy fake brands goods?

Started by cashclay

Avoiding eye contact?

Started by Soggysocks

Shower filter

Started by Pennypie

Cockroaches! What do I do? What do I buy?

Started by ohitsgary

Has anyone held their own exhibition in Korea?

Started by welcomebackkotter

Korean Mosquitoes are intense

Started by Soggysocks


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