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breaking the lease of an apartment you haven't moved into yet

Started by obwannabe

Where to report foreigners breaking COVID-19 rules?

Started by KimDuHan

Americans in Korea (is it worth it?)

Started by KimDuHan

"Working from home"

Started by fnord

please remove

Started by raycar

Advices going from E-7 to F-2 visa?

Started by rkawk25

Which one of you perverts was this??

Started by Ollie_Cromwell

What percent of ESL Hagwons won’t reopen?

Started by KimDuHan


Started by Aristocrat

Giving the lingering stink eye to nomaskers

Started by SPQR

Condoms in South Korea

Started by naomijor

Apartment invasions of privacy

Started by Cyanea

Exchange rate bad for Americans right now.

Started by hangook77

What precautions are you taking against coronavirus?

Started by Cyanea

WTF is up with 12,000won for six tomatoes?

Started by SPQR

Car Insurance (used)

Started by Ruan

The exchange rate of suck

Started by NorthStar

Looking for a site, instagram or blog with regular updates about art exhibitions

Started by tommybgoode

Bad job offers? How to fight it as expats.

Started by hangook77

Pride of Korea: I'm sick of it

Started by dippedinblush

Racism and Waygooks?

Started by bb459


Started by NorthStar

What ever happened to Traveler's Bar & Grill Bundang?

Started by alwaysstriving

Are all of these Covid-19 precautions worth it?

Started by obwannabe

Changing E2 to F6 (2019/2020)

Started by xnrlxnicole

How to check daily limit for bank card?

Started by norastelladora

860 people die every day in Korea. Get over it!

Started by SPQR

Who has caused you more problems here, Waygooks or Koreans?

Started by Cyanea

When are countries going to evacuate foreigners who don't feel safe


Kovid-19 Infection Total Poll

Started by SPQR

Have you ever lived in a Korean apartment without some guy using a power drill?

Started by Cyanea

To all the drivers: How do you like it?

Started by Florida

60% of Koreans want to leave...

Started by NorthStar

Social class in Korea

Started by stoat

Will you leave Korea?

Started by KimDuHan

IS it too much? (re: Israel ban on Korean entry)

Started by NorthStar

Tips for getting beef

Started by L I

Accessing Nonghyup online banking abroad

Started by alisha10

What's the best phone plan?

Started by L I

Guess we're back to being AIDS infested dirty foreigners again.

Started by weigookin74


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