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What if you didnít come to Korea?

Started by Telephone33

I buy nothing FROZEN... am i alone?

Started by VanIslander

With Labour Day on a Saturday anyone getting another day as compensation?

Started by OnNut81

Exchanging driverís license (date of issuance)

Started by chardhannay

Wow, my students have gotten really FAT!

Started by SPQR

Minimum wage is too high! It will destroy the struggling ESL industry here

Started by KimDuHan

Entry level factory job 3.5-4.0M/month

Started by SPQR

Spring in Korea!

Started by Kyndo

Did we just give up on corona prevention - social distancing?

Started by hangook77

Dumbest Ideas You've Heard in Korea

Started by kevingrabb

Is it possible to send a letter abroad for less than 25K?

Started by L I

Please sign the petition regarding the rape of a foreign student

Started by thunderlips

Coolest student I've ever had

Started by Aristocrat

Be careful today. Insane air readings.

Started by hangook77

Foreigner Covid testing mandate with petition so people read the entire post :)

Started by thunderlips

Paying for Parking

Started by VanIslander

Do you Agree with the Gyeonggi Gov's Decision to Covid Test All Foreigners?

Started by kevingrabb

Price Inflation: Here and/or back home

Started by VanIslander

Covid Test for all foreign workers in Gyeonggi-do?

Started by albie2011

How much do teacher's really want an experienced native teacher?

Started by hangook77

How do you get a Korean driver's license replaced?

Started by tamahari


Started by Jet0716

Busan vs Seoul!

Started by KimDuHan

Cleaner (Cheongjeong) function on air conditioner - know anything about it?

Started by fka

Less spending = Higher taxes?

Started by busanite

Back to the grind kids!!!

Started by hangook77


Started by lalateacha

Are Koreans rude and cold?

Started by Cyanea

KIIP Korean Immigration Integration Programme (사회통합프로그램)

Started by ashe1590

Vaccine Safety and Mandatory Vaccinations

Started by Zek

Friendliest Part of South Korea?

Started by spurdosparde

Have you ever met ....

Started by AvecPommesFrites

So the real reason posts are deleted on job ads

Started by OnNut81

People reacting rudely when you ask for help

Started by jamsilnaynay

The next leaders of South Korea & North Korea are likely to be women

Started by VanIslander

Honest Opinions on Moving to Korea now

Started by throwawayacc12

Vehicle Inspection New Reservation System

Started by persimmon14

citibank online transfer rules

Started by Lee Jal Seng

Hair Care in Korea~ Which products are good?

Started by dippedinblush

KIIP, fail a level--exam retakes?

Started by tamahari


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