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Valentine's Day 2016

Started by SmallBaguette

Concert tickets in Korea?

Started by m.j.parsons28

Ajosshis that start crossing before the light turns green

Started by Kliuchevskoi

Gave Youtube my identity so I could watch a music video...big mistake.

Started by YoungMin

Laser hair removal in Korea?

Started by cloud6

Fell Off my Bike & Back Problems- MRI/X-ray worth it?

Started by CliffK

MOVED: 30,000 Kopino Children abandoned...

Started by Yaya

Anyone find any miracle beauty products in Korea?

Started by elle*

The Winter Blues (Survival, Killing Time -- What do you do?)

Started by aow.mave

How can I pay my electric and gas bills using a credit card?

Started by kalashnikov

Pre wedding photo shoot prices?

Started by cdwyer

Korean banking reviews, especially concerning sending money home

Started by MJHanson

Taxes... How do they work?

Started by benteacher

MOVED: Gangnam Public School Teachers-How much was your tax?

Started by Yaya

KEB bank loans and credit cards to foreigner ???

Started by cashclay

Lamborghini Cigarettes

Started by stan rogers

korean TV censoring

Started by a87

Snow in Namhae - Exciting

Started by tamjen

Something wrong with paypal?

Started by weigookin74

Anyone ever been to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm (대관령 양떼목장)?

Started by weigookin74

Paragliding in Korea

Started by philontour

Tales from the Winter Camp.....

Started by CO2

Advice for Keeping Warm

Started by dream_a_happy

Iherb...lightening speed delivery

Started by Pecan

Shipping to USA

Started by jaenihan


Started by LaChaca

Should I stay or go?

Started by kimchiyum

We are living in the wrong Korea!!

Started by lee233

getting a loan from a US bank while here in korea

Started by cashclay

This upcoming week between vacations.

Started by Zealot_Hill

Don't phone 119 in case of an emergency ...

Started by KF Panda

Bucket List before leaving Korea

Started by nespeaker

Any of you use billkorea?

Started by Pecan

2 year phone contract

Started by benteacher

Koreans in companies get insane amounts of money.

Started by weigookin74

Cost of Living: Now and Then

Started by AlivePoet

Obituaries in Korea?

Started by aow.mave

Medical checks!

Started by CO2

Korean language is "so scientific"

Started by dklskov registration issues

Started by kiwikimchi


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