Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Sure is hot, eh?

Started by weigookin74

Lasik Nightmare happened to me in Gangnam

Started by goyang123

Tattoo/Piercing Shops

Started by bigdac

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

Started by waywardtimelord

Poster printers?

Started by tommyb.goode

Laser Hair Removal

Started by Tpinway

How to apply for a private tutoring license?

Started by abrennan316

Where to buy sprinter shoes

Started by Aristocrat

Stupid Korean TV shows

Started by drewwwdc1

Incineration of household waste/garbage. Contribution to air pollution in Korea

Started by raysmith

Where did this ridiculous 2-block hairstyle come form?

Started by Aristocrat

New Naver BAND Group for Foreigners and Gyopos

Started by ohwowitsjay

Family Friendly Activities - help a noob out

Started by DIE5EL

Earthquake Safety

Started by stotes

Thread to have weird observations about Korea proven or debunked.

Started by Angelinkorea

Why is there a week of school at the start of February?

Started by Aristocrat

5.3 earthquake in Gyeongbuk?!?!

Started by MayorHaggar

Report bad English, Chinese, Japanese on Korea's signs

Started by JNM

Cabins for Rent in Korea?

Started by cavs28

East coast trip. What to do?

Started by obwannabe

Daum maps

Started by megeek23

North Korean Websites Leaked

Started by Lurch

New phone bloatware

Started by rosewilde

A local man has been following me

Started by ufostakecows

Why are you in Korea?

Started by DMZabductee

Buying Glasses in Korea

Started by bumskiw

Imagine Your Korea

Started by donovan

If you get deported, would you lose your severance pay?

Started by UKsimon

flights during chuseok too expensive

Started by lugubregondola

One to One Korean class

Started by Hangeul Atti

smart phone problems

Started by obwannabe

Chuseok 2016

Started by Piggydee

Seoul or Busan?

Started by Foreverparadise

Why do Koreans want big cars?

Started by stan rogers

Foreign prescriptions

Started by cashclay

Paying monthly on your credit card bill

Started by cashclay

Ever bought a 비타500 just to...

Started by YoungMin

anyone ever come scross this? pleas help

Started by cashclay

can you korean credit cards for poker sites

Started by cashclay


Started by cashclay


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