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Do you have a grill?

Started by Cyanea

Do you have a school email account?

Started by Freeto

Do you have an international debit card from a Korean bank?

Started by Brian

Do you know 영국남자??!!!

Started by The Arm

Do You Know Any People of Color Working in Universities?

Started by jaysoon17

Do you know anyone leaving over the war threat???

Started by k00108666

Do you know the names of your students?

Started by nebulasprout

Do you like 깻잎/Perilla leaves?

Started by AvecPommesFrites

Do you live in Gangwondo?

Started by Gomdori

Do you mind stranger foreigners talking with you?

Started by alyssa.callahan

Do you need a licence to drive a scooter in Korea?

Started by Dinkymoo

Do you prefer using cash or card?

Started by Cyanea

Do you regret leaving/not leaving Korea?

Started by KimDuHan

Do you resent paying taxes for any reason?

Started by Cyanea

Do you say hello to the bus driver?

Started by AvecPommesFrites

Do you sleep with your window open?

Started by Cyanea

Do you think it is worth to buy car with '보증' (warranty) ?

Started by tianwaygook

Do you think spending 1 million won per month is excessive?

Started by Bump

Do you think the Hallyu wave is dying out?

Started by money55

Do you think they talk behind your back?

Started by calvin0416

Do you think we waygooks take part in shaping the future of Korea?

Started by zmffhdl

Do you think younger Koreans understand what it is to be gay?

Started by Bump

Do You Waffle

Started by thatguywho45

Do you want to be home chef?

Started by anispoon

Do your students clean the school? Do they do a good job?

Started by krissyboo75

Do your students listen to anything other than K-pop?

Started by khalavala

Doctor prescribing antibiotics at first sign of cold

Started by Pizza

Doctor visits in Korea

Started by WorkingTitle3484

Doctor Worship?

Started by RogueFishFood

Doctors appointments and prescriptions

Started by APH

Documentary shows what went wrong in Sewol disaster

Started by Thomas Mc

Documentary: South Korea Suicide Rescue Team

Started by Albaloo

Does all Telecom phones work in the us

Started by cashclay

Does any one have an electric car?

Started by sligo

Does any one know of any good cheap gyms near hoegi station

Started by shaungoose

Does any teacher here teach for the money?

Started by Telephone33

Does anybody do art here?

Started by ThaKiddJabz

Does anybody if there are feng shui classes in English anywhere?

Started by aznkute21

Does anybody know how to get to the Samsung service center in Bucheon?

Started by Van

Does anybody know the best place to get tattoos in Korea?

Started by ThaKiddJabz


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