Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Help! Laundry Detergent

Started by margaretagnes

KIIP Online Korean course

Started by ryguy4

Are there any tangible benefits of an F5 visa versus an F4, F6 or F2?

Started by HiddenPerson

Are Your Torrent Downloads Slowing Down?

Started by fdny

Any not-completely-disillusioned foreigners still living here?

Started by viennica

Do Korean Girls Have Deep, Smokey Voices?

Started by ithinkinailedit

Fleeing South Korea

Started by CDW

What are the rules?!!

Started by The Arm

A REMINDER OF FOREIGNNESS and a warning to avoid being arrested!

Started by weigookin74

What's up with this...whatever this is?

Started by BTeacher

What's wrong with some Koreans?

Started by KimDuHan


Started by davhold

An overview of the criminal law system in South Korea

Started by KimDuHan

Will recent events on the peninsula affect recruitment of foreign teachers?

Started by Andyman

How to check my credit score (get a loan)

Started by HiddenPerson

Restaurant discriminates against foreigners

Started by CDW

Health Insurance in Korea

Started by seaton1456

What is your favorite korean dating site?

Started by cashclay

Why are Korean English Teachers not fluent or nearly fluent in English?

Started by dranas

Foreigners need education on littering (Yangsan)

Started by KimDuHan

Hana bank loan??? Has anyone?

Started by cashclay

Will I be able to get back into Korea with an almost-expired ARC?

Started by provism

Express Bus Tickets

Started by Nokcha

I don't know how to feel

Started by hangyul

Indischool post: CT problems: it's on both sides & is this you?

Started by gidget

One third of rape victims in Seoul raped by white men?

Started by CDW


Started by Pecan

Provincial NETs, how diverse is it where you are? (Poll)

Started by Mr.DeMartino

Pittsburgh Pirates' Kang Jung-ho Denied U.S. Visa

Started by stan rogers

What is your shibal expense?

Started by defenderoftherealm

Do you fake it?

Started by The Arm

Urgent!! Laptop Charger Needed!!

Started by amyb72

Another fine polluted day.

Started by weigookin74

getting a loan in korea??? ne1?

Started by cashclay

Deskwarming tips

Started by hangyul

I just can't comprehend the mentality

Started by Aristocrat

How to handle the constant "How old are you?" question?

Started by alonzo9772

Locked Fire Escapes

Started by zola

Hidden connections...

Started by Pecan

Holistic Health/Clean Lifestyle

Started by whowouldvethought?


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