Native Teachers for Full-time position
Teaching - Full Time Contact person by email JP Institutes in Myeongji Busan is seeking a full-time (from 9:30am-6:30pm, Monday through Friday) TEACHERS. Located in Myeongji, our school offers full-day kindergarten and elementary English classes with other activities. We also offer a very friendly and supportive work environment. Lunch provided Salary: 2.4 million won per month or higher based on experience (negotiable) Housing allowance provided Health Insurance Severance pay after 12 months Visa Sponsorship Start date : As soon as possible Vacations: 10 days, plus national holidays **We are only looking for teachers already in Korea, who are available for an in-person interview.Email address :

Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Is Costco open today? 2017/05/07 - Need FAST answer!

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The Current Situation on the Korean Peninsula MEGATHREAD

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Koreans and wasting water

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Air Pollution: Is this going too far?

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Do not take down election posters :)

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Kimchi is disgusting according to gamer

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Local options: Banker's Box

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How to turn on the water taps under the sink

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HELP: iPhone Repair

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English speaking psychotherapist in Korea: narc mom

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Naming my daughter who will be Korean-American

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Jeonju International Film Festival

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Recommendations for Plus-size Men's Shoes >275

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F-22 Raptors over Seoul!!!

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Bothered by slurping sounds? Science reveals you have a disorder

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Applying to GSIS in Seoul

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Bank robbed by a bike riding foreigner??

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Help! Laundry Detergent

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KIIP Online Korean course

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Are there any tangible benefits of an F5 visa versus an F4, F6 or F2?

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Are Your Torrent Downloads Slowing Down?

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Any not-completely-disillusioned foreigners still living here?

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Do Korean Girls Have Deep, Smokey Voices?

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Fleeing South Korea

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What are the rules?!!

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A REMINDER OF FOREIGNNESS and a warning to avoid being arrested!

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What's up with this...whatever this is?

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What's wrong with some Koreans?

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An overview of the criminal law system in South Korea

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Will recent events on the peninsula affect recruitment of foreign teachers?

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How to check my credit score (get a loan)

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Restaurant discriminates against foreigners

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Health Insurance in Korea

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What is your favorite korean dating site?

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Why are Korean English Teachers not fluent or nearly fluent in English?

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Foreigners need education on littering (Yangsan)

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Hana bank loan??? Has anyone?

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Will I be able to get back into Korea with an almost-expired ARC?

Started by provism

Express Bus Tickets

Started by Nokcha


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