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Another institution bans foreigners - the trend continues/ worsens?

Started by KF Panda

English teacher murder by Boyfriend.

Started by Korea13

Seoul club bans foreigners.

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

An idea to make Koreans drive better?

Started by dandred


Started by Davey

First beaches, now college depts?

Started by JNM

Seoul Among World's Most Expensive Cities for Travelers - Surprising?

Started by Schellib39

Waaaaa...IKEA Korea is so expensive...waaaaaa.

Started by Savant

Foreign club bans Soul...

Started by The 13th Earl

Korean firm damages Milan cathedral

Started by englishrose

Oh, Korea. You and your companies.

Started by weigookin74

Police reject LGBT application for pride parade

Started by lovebunny


Started by ShanaC

Wannabe PI stalks NETS

Started by Aristocrat

Zara Higher Prices

Started by 외계인

Singer Hedge Fund and the Lee family

Started by tikleme_elmo

Consideration Campaign

Started by tikleme_elmo

New Strategy to Combat Illegal Parking

Started by 외계인

Heather Cho Freed

Started by Foreverparadise

Koreans Accused of Rape in Philippines

Started by Schellib39

Korean dream shattered by lies, sex trade coercion

Started by CDW

Tap water in Korea is probably safer than you think

Started by jls9274

Seoul Honesty Group! An odd idea, no?

Started by pigeonfart

Red Alert on Travel to Korea.

Started by Foreverparadise

Teachers Involved in Court Battle Against CDI

Started by CDW

UK Pensioner suffering from Alzheimer's searches for deceased wife in Korea.

Started by socialjeebus

WaPo: Fire hits a North Korea landmark, the Koryo Hotel

Started by oatmealkooky

Eastar Jet captain flies without fixing defective door

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Korean firms exploit workers in Vietnam

Started by CDW

North Korea Defence chief executed - by anti-aircraft gun.

Started by daehanguk

Gay Foreigner Attacked on Subway

Started by CDW

South Korea criticised by UN for demanding expat teacher take AIDS test.

Started by z80

EYK employee ran over by drunk driver; driver still has license & car

Started by Timo

Korea’s ‘kangaroo tribe’ gets larger

Started by CunningLinguist

Expats fight street harassment

Started by CDW

Great Seoul Treasure Hunt

Started by hiphopopotamus

94.5% of foreigners living in Seoul have experienced discrimination

Started by johnny russian

Over 50% of Korean Elementary Students Have Stress Levels of Adults

Started by johnny russian

Korean Air flight returned to gate to kick off crew member.

Started by gtrain83

'Korea as world's role model for education'

Started by CDW


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