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Smart Sheriff not so smart. Who could've guessed?

Started by orionchocopie

Ddong-chim now a crime. Korea takes baby steps.

Started by englishrose

Porn Nation? 65% of Registered Korean Cinematography Classified as Porn

Started by coughsod

The mystery of hair

Started by yfb

This week in depressing news. Korean kids spend little time with their parents.

Started by englishrose

Should President Park apologize for war crimes in Vietnam?

Started by CDW

Korean culture is drowning in a sea of rudeness and self-centeredness

Started by CDW

'Gov't to Cut Down on English Teaching in Schools' (newspaper)

Started by pigeonfart

Korean culture found top-notch

Started by CDW

man beats woman in Cheongju, bystanders do nothing

Started by Jordan____

Korean College students have "poor" Korean language skills. Surprised?

Started by seoil

pregnant women often abused by elderly in Seoul metro

Started by pigeonfart

North Korea Wants a Peace Treaty

Started by stan rogers

Is an obsession with Education killing South Korea's youth?

Started by Zealot_Hill

Are Koreans starting to wake up?

Started by seoil

Yonhap: Gov't to simplify process for foreigners to open mobile accounts

Started by Paul

Saturday Medical Service Fees Increasing

Started by Adeliza

Korean Government Busts Illegal English Tutoring

Started by mrtriathleet

Youth unemployment high in Korea.

Started by weigookin74

OiNK (love it or hate it?)

Started by Jordan____

Security Cameras Now Manditory in All Daycares

Started by stan rogers

Korean husband kills Vietnamese wife because she told him to shower.

Started by kepperkimchi

"Koreans use antibiotics too much" -- Finally Someone said it.

Started by seoil

Gem of the day!

Started by Zealot_Hill

Differences between Koreans and foreigners (2)

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

S. Korea's wage gap between native, foreign workers biggest in OECD

Started by sejongthefabulous

Korean Maxim Heinous cover controversy

Started by Chester Jim

Korea Times: Americans are proud to be American

Started by CDW

Scholarships from Korean universities not worth the hassle.

Started by englishrose

Tesco sells South Korean stores

Started by waygo0k

KH: CJ Group calls for support in spreading K-culture

Started by oatmealkooky

TSA Agent Molests Student from South Korea

Started by CDW

Starting from next year Non-Natives can become English teachers [2008 article]

Started by Kwai_Chang_Kain

Japanese vestiges still haunt schools

Started by jduffy1

Artillery Fire on the Border

Started by stan rogers

Korean Drivers license in China

Started by JNM

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Started by mr

Typhoon conditions.. school isn't canceled WTF

Started by koreaiskorea

Lotte family feud

Started by jduffy1

NPR on fandeath

Started by coffeesmith


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