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Koreans want to leave 'Hell Joseon'

Started by CDW

SMOE vows zero tolerance for sex offender teachers

Started by CDW

30,000 Kopino Children abandoned...

Started by Pecan

Child beaten to death with a Clothes Horse!?

Started by Zealot_Hill

Korea spends the most...

Started by Pecan

Funny name for a flower

Started by funkmaster99

16 Year Old KPop Girl Apologizes

Started by stan rogers

Canadian gamer in bar scuffle

Started by coffeesmith

US man extradited to South Korea over high-profile 1997 murder

Started by weigookin74

Is this shark in Korea mocking Korean behavior about getting bumped into?

Started by nespeaker

200 professors to be indicted for copyright violation

Started by mrtriathleet

Korean dining and drinking culture blamed on... you guessed it.

Started by JNM

Jasmine Lee caught eating candy bar while lawmaking

Started by CDW

North Korea testing a hydrogen bomb

Started by Sweetrevenge355

Korea urged to embrace immigrants

Started by grey

2 hikers in a group of 27 died on Deogyusan

Started by prplbuttercups

MOVED: Itaewon Fight

Started by Yaya

Korea Opens Market to Canadian Beef

Started by stan rogers

South Korea, Japan Settle Deal on Wartime Korean Sex Slaves

Started by vietpham

"Your face color is the same as this coal" Ha Ha Ha

Started by Samsung2014

179 professors to stand trial over plagiarism

Started by Korea13

'Dokdo Schools' to Open in 100 Cities Worldwide by 2020

Started by johnny russian

Mock Funerals

Started by stan rogers

Slanderous Canada

Started by stan rogers

South Korean Sex Shop Aims to Empower Women

Started by nespeaker

Oh My Girl...Oh My God!

Started by tamjen

Only in Korea - Flights suspended for English test

Started by JNM

1/4 of Korean Boys Overweight or Obese, but Girls Diet Dangerously

Started by johnny russian

Comfort women file lawsuit against and demand apology from Korean government

Started by ChrisKorea

Korean principal bans Santa, Pledge of Allegiance, and Thanksgiving - in the US

Started by johnny russian

Heavy snow alert

Started by pencil0623

What lies beneath Korea’s glistening surface?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

5 Koreans Arrested in Exocism Death

Started by stan rogers

South Korea man gets 12 years for feeding ex-pupil feces

Started by nespeaker

Korean tug-of-war game added to UNESCO list

Started by pencil0623

9 Samsung executives investigated for insider trading

Started by Chester Jim

Creative, eye-catching goods available at Seoul Design Market

Started by pencil0623

28000 North Koreans Since October?

Started by stan rogers

US Chopper crash in Wonju

Started by tamjen

Kim Moo-Seong Smells a Commie Plot: What Korea's Extreme Right Wing Sounds Like

Started by yuryeong_hwoesa


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