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Koreans and other Asians dress as Nazis?

Started by weigookin74

Korean-English, not Konglish

Started by Chester Jim

Merry Christmas from Kim Jong-un

Started by bmym80

YBM, PAGODA fined for false advertising

Started by SaintsCanada

Controversy persists over HIV test for English teachers

Started by CDW

Banned North Korean fish that you might eat!

Started by KimDuHan

Number of native English teachers drops

Started by L I

Kim Jong Un Hits the Sauce

Started by gogators!

Does it violate Korean Libel law to annouce the President was impeached?

Started by weigookin74

Korean Sex Club busted.. picture of white women in news article

Started by failatlife

Korea invented the airplane 3000 years before the Wright Brothers. Did you know?

Started by Pecan

Korean court fines woman for violating anti-graft law

Started by thunderlips

Open Letter to the Student Who Harassed Me

Started by The Arm

Jung Ho Ho and a Bottle of...

Started by Mr.DeMartino

President Park Likely to Resign

Started by SaintsCanada

Bad news for fried chicken aficonados

Started by gogators!

Presidential Viagra

Started by stan rogers

Mom Gets Daughter Kicked Out of University.

Started by stan rogers

Airplanes Cause Students to Fail

Started by stan rogers

Lack of consideration...

Started by Pecan

What do you think happened to Kim Jong-un's wife?

Started by okapifire

"'English kindergartens' face crackdown"

Started by MayorHaggar

Jeju airport battles garbage dumped by Chinese...

Started by Pecan

Koreans go crazy for the yardbird

Started by gogators!

Elderly Korean Couple Manhandled by Canadian Enforcement

Started by George Washington

Births and Abortions

Started by Pecan

Hanjin Shipping receivership..tens of thousands of jobs lost

Started by pigeonfart

Crime crackdown: 800 foreigners booked in 100 days

Started by CDW

Foreign myths about 'ppalli ppalli

Started by zola

Note 7

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

NK defectors struggle with English; want to drop out to study more

Started by gogators!

High-tech perverts

Started by Pecan

South Korean lawmaker will push for inter-Korean team at Pyeongchang Olympics

Started by Burndog

[Korea Times] Native English teachers face bumpy jobs road in Korea

Started by Pecan


Started by Pecan

Teacher can't give or receive gifts (including meals) over 30,000 won.

Started by janelle_j

Betrayal of USFK

Started by CDW

Subway sexual assaults

Started by HaLo3

"korean paparazzi"

Started by Chester Jim

Chinese Police in Jeju

Started by stan rogers


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