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Art Contest! Portrait of Kolleen Park

Started by joybot0

Alexandra Wallace you're, like, soooo not a "polite, nice American girl"

Started by rachelshaeh

Mini-King of the Mountain

Started by goulash

Drinks for Japan Fundraiser!

Started by gavcanning

How to get involved/volunteer in local community? (Daegu)

Started by hamburglar

Ways to help Japan?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Star Audition - Kim Jeong In

Started by elprofesor

Chungdam (CDI), Native English teachers in dispute

Started by elprofesor

The Eagles in Seoul?!

Started by nels6138

Students punished for having brown, curly hair.

Started by Brian

Bad cab driver crackdown in Seoul

Started by anichion

Notice from EPIK about North Korean shells dropped on Yeonpyeong Island

Started by Dyl

My co-teacher just told me Kim Jong Il dropped bombs on SK

Started by ejmclaine

UN Chief Asks Seoul to Drop HIV Test for Foreign Teachers

Started by asabranca

peparo day tomorrow

Started by jwoon

Lantern Festival in Seoul

Started by Flyingdutchman8

Airband Contest @Jisan Valley Rock Festival

Started by ymeme

Backlash, the Anti-English Spectrum, etc.

Started by alexrathy

Some ice at restaurants and coffee shops unsafe.

Started by Brian

Blogger "Metropolitician" arrested for assault after calling the police.

Started by Brian

Korean Golf Players in the US must pass English test to play

Started by Virginia

Banks cite non-existent law on expat cards

Started by Brian

Korea to become more "Foreigner Friendly"???

Started by Virginia

Drunk Drivers Face Tougher Punishment

Started by Samuel

The Oil Spill - volunteer opportunity

Started by Virginia

Sad story out of Changwon.

Started by Brian

Korea world's largest condom makers

Started by Samuel

Koreansí Endless Love for Spam

Started by Samuel

Korea Trails Nepal in English Proficiency

Started by jellomando

Fido but no Felix gets medical plan

Started by Samuel

Skinny Koreans who eat veggies but die of lung cancer

Started by Samuel

kimchi in space

Started by capebretonbarbarian

Yeosu wins World Expo Bid

Started by capebretonbarbarian

Beat students with a sword, get a warning (Now with new video)

Started by Brian

Migrant workers in Korea

Started by Samuel

Man given "not guilty" verdict after molesting stepdaughter

Started by Brian

Nova in Trouble.

Started by jellomando

American dies at Incheon Airport because . . .

Started by Brian

Sexy field trips to China.

Started by Brian

Sex Ed Mokpo

Started by nicola


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