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Touching story ... help if you can

Started by andrucer

KAIST Suicides

Started by GEK

trivia--letter Z once removed from the alphabet, origin of letter A and....

Started by Merryone

Have your students had their tongues surgically snipped?

Started by Koradian

South Korean students the (6th) best behaved students in the world.

Started by numberonegood

Help this documentary about Korean education get made!

Started by madelinelee

South African local government election results

Started by DMZ

Locker bombs in Seoul station and Gangnam station

Started by smeagol134

crazy europeans and their version of fan death

Started by dauphinalbert

Chelsea FC in Hong Kong at the end of July

Started by Alanna_R

Stephen Hawking says heaven is a "fairy tale".

Started by Horus

Arnold the Creeper...

Started by sechje

25 Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age 9

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Update on North Korea Situation

Started by cocoinkorea

Rice makes you stronger than bread..........

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Goal Keeper Suicide

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Microsoft to buy Skype for $8.5 billion

Started by Merryone

Korean Times, "Prostitution thrives on twisted entertainment culture"

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Samsung Galaxy S II hits three million pre-orders

Started by Merryone

Pregnant woman has died of pneumonia virus in Daegu

Started by Koradian

Scary and bizarre story out of Gyeongbuk province

Started by adriansergiusz

Foreigners make the news for all the wrong reasons.

Started by creeper1

Higher Autism Rate Found in South Korea

Started by frappps

FYI: Chosun Ilbo story on plastic surgery complaints

Started by AcidTeacher

Bottled water from Gyeonggi possibly tainted with foot and mouth virus

Started by cosmogony

High school students shun German, French, Spanish

Started by elprofesor

Where can I join a baseball league in Seoul?

Started by atlantic81

Arirang TV disdainful of "healthy" lower bodies.

Started by teach1

'Korean children unhappiest among OECD countries'

Started by elprofesor

Obama on Sunday: A photo for the ages?

Started by rupak26

Canadian election results

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

Bin Laden is dead.

Started by WTEChesser

Gov't to offer free pre-school education for 5-year-olds

Started by elprofesor

Korean Taxi Driver Assaulted by a Foreigner.

Started by livinusb

2011 Canadian Federal Election - How To Vote From Korea

Started by bmsteacher

Yonhap News: Racial Preference for White English Teachers Prevalent in Korea

Started by notgerhard

$10 Million Found in Garlic Field

Started by pyeager

stop watching CNN...

Started by siamagoo

Seoul Jazz Festival 2011

Started by Dyl


Started by English Mike


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