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Tattle Tales

Started by bisp13

The changing role of South Korean Women

Started by mcfearless999

Palin, Gordy Brown and the Tiger Mom at World Knowledge Forum.

Started by robroy

wtf is with this exchange rate right now?!?!...

Started by unknownx

The value of the Won

Started by ltisdale

Government officials stopping children from studying late.

Started by drc001

Appeals court finds gang rape (of 12 yr old!) to be not so serious

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Over 200 Koreans caught for sex trade in US....

Started by unknownx

Xenophobia alert! Korean textbook changes...

Started by leporello


Started by kimchikiwi

Recent Rolling Power Outage in Korea--any stories?

Started by MTBman

British student - Tongue extension surgery to learn Korean.

Started by RazFoz

New York Times Features Super Color Super, Korean Indie

Started by sighborg1

If you want the iPhone 5...

Started by techteacher

Rugby world cup streaming sites???

Started by deegirl7

College Football starts!

Started by ucla_all_the_way

Masan bus driver refuses black passenger

Started by duchessrachel

Korea Times: "Students to Be Freed from Dress Codes"

Started by CellarDoor

Waygook assaults Korean on bus

Started by strawberry

In the news

Started by Merryone

Chosun Ilbo: "Korea Can't Afford Racism in a Global Age"

Started by unknownx

Join in a Fun Vintage fashion show in the Arirang festival!PRIZE MONEY 2MIL!!!

Started by lishajuma

Korea Raids Google for "Anti-trust Violations"

Started by KevinTeacher84

UFO's over Seoul... Spooky!

Started by leporello

Foreigner Crime in South Korea: The Data

Started by duchessrachel

waygookers do you feel safe here?

Started by grajoker

Come and Join making KIMCHI free!

Started by alt-C

Korean activists target English teachers.

Started by grajoker

After-school English education to be improved

Started by elprofesor

Grade 1 student beaten to death by father!

Started by ntm

Opinions on new Jeju Island naval base?

Started by alwaysgood


Started by CarlySQ

How 2012 US Elections will affect Korea?

Started by gookway

scotland vs czech republic

Started by happyexecutioner

Kilkenny VS Tipperary All Ireland Final

Started by beatniik696

All Ireland Hurling Final

Started by Deek

North Korea should get no aid!

Started by ah000

Let's go to Mud Festival!!!

Started by culcom

Asian Games

Started by christinehys87

Speed Internet Cafe Dating?

Started by WorkingTitle3484


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