Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

School Being Closed - Help

Started by Canadian23

Dual citizenship/Visa Issues Help Please

Started by snoring1234

Going to a different school after completing a contract. What needs preparing?

Started by Fraulion

Anyone here taught in the UAE before?

Started by adlez

switching from an e-2 visa to a student visa, and resigning position early

Started by flips

Cancelling EPIK contract over the 48hrs

Started by mikamikachan

Need to fly home for my sisters wedding. What are my options?

Started by tonyynot

Second year wanted, but not with the same school

Started by PhishFood

E-2 extension required?

Started by travelingCeee

Severance pay question (SMOE)

Started by SOUL

E-2 Visa while in foreign country.

Started by Duffman033

Has anyone gotten official copies from their MOE/POE?

Started by stephaniejt

"More Korean teachers for English classes"

Started by amoonbot

US Citizen Late Tax Papers/Refund?

Started by hackedtravel

Is the Gepik "exit allowance" taxed?

Started by Toshiba

EPIK airfare when recruited from within Korea

Started by BillOreilly

How do I pay Korean Taxes?

Started by Mitchflatt

Record for staying at same public school?

Started by kiwikimchi

Cheapest fastest visa run form Incheon? China or Japan?

Started by TallPaul

Renewal and Reference Letters

Started by KimchiAndHoney

GEPIK teachers: is it okay to take your leave at the very end of your contract?

Started by fourthchild

Rent - paying in advance

Started by Lizelle

does anyone know anything about provisional visas?

Started by Merryone

Letter of release

Started by star32569

TOEIC writing freelance position offered - How much to charge per test?

Started by funkybunch2006

Calling immigration from OUTSIDE Korea

Started by taingray

EPIK/School Employer Reference

Started by JL5205

Visa Issuance no. vs. Notice of Appointment

Started by Gusty

Undergraduate Diploma for Immigration?

Started by kerrym

I need to know how references for public schools work?

Started by matieu

In a Bit of a Pickle with FBI Check...Seeking Advice

Started by JamericanTeacher

H1 Work holiday visa

Started by kokomocho

Documents required for F6 visa holder in country.

Started by BTeacher

What is the daily routine for a "9-5" kindergarten teacher?

Started by CS91323312

Uni job search in Korea with tourist visa?

Started by Literati51

EPIK Positions available

Started by snoring1234

American Tax Exempt Question

Started by ansananswers

Issue receiving degree/transcripts from home country's university

Started by erik thurman

Private Elementary Schools: any info? Are they worse than normal public schools?

Started by wonkavite

Health Insurance - 3 month waiting period?

Started by marlizetk


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