Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

JLP / RLP Contract 2011-2012

Started by ToasterOven

If you are a gyopo, how far back do you need a proof of having lived in US etc

Started by LeapOver

Pension payment for early release

Started by druwha

New Principal Question

Started by drewhpowell

runner - visa, ARC, and pension questions

Started by lmagno

Being Coerced to Use a Vacation Day During a School Holiday

Started by jaysoon17

Going to a different school after completing a contract. What needs preparing?

Started by Fraulion

"Visa Code" "Visa Issuance No." "Certificate No." = all the same thing?

Started by misslinda88

Medical Issues

Started by ch1can3

switching GEPIK schools -advice

Started by jlehmke

E-2 Visa transfer...

Started by tokkibunni

Pension, tax, and leaving the country...Please help

Started by rrigor22

FBI background check necessary for changing jobs?

Started by andygarth

Severance Tax Rate Q?

Started by iggyb

How far would you go?

Started by Gokseongwaygook

Is it difficult to find a job in Korea? (For non-native)

Started by aurora

e2 Visa and apostillisation

Started by Koriain13


Started by iamrhart

Using your Health Insurance card

Started by west coast tatterdemalion

E-7 Visa: Need Criminal Background Check or Not?

Started by alexc2000

Seoul English Village?

Started by dsca0421

SMOE - Fall intake

Started by Incredagogue

Grade 1 and 2

Started by laurenbekker

Advice on Changing Jobs/Legal Issues

Started by februaryfish

switching from an e-2 visa to a student visa, and resigning position early

Started by flips

Cancelling EPIK contract over the 48hrs

Started by mikamikachan

Getting the best kind of reference letter

Started by Rww

Payment question for Criminal Background Check (U.S.)

Started by riceboy77

Gwacheon Girls' High School/ Songho High Ansan

Started by Mr.TDE

What is the process with collecting pension?

Started by beyondlollyholly

Job Search Help!

Started by tarawoodley

GPOE funded GEPIK renewals and non-renewals.

Started by withmatt

Health Insurance Question

Started by emghals

"More Korean teachers for English classes"

Started by amoonbot

EPIK airfare when recruited from within Korea

Started by BillOreilly

working directly with high school update

Started by flange822

Question about degree verification

Started by smeagol134

Diploma notarization/ getting docs apostilled (in the US)

Started by adventuress-of-interest

About GEPIK Category (salary issue)

Started by Stivy

GEPIK: Education oddice confirms my experience in Korea is just under 12 months

Started by chrissyprice


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