Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Winter Break dates-- need clarification!

Started by locthebloke

Winter Camp Day 1: A Lesson in Futility?

Started by Driver 8

Winter Camp Hours and Overtime

Started by hchong1

Winter camp in February (and C4 visa)

Started by Bulldogs12

winter camp on the weekend?

Started by bird212

Winter Camp Problem, is it legal to teach alone?

Started by rgracevn

Winter camps

Started by koozmac

Winter camps - ever had yours raided by immigration?

Started by Horus

Winter Camps and Holidays

Started by Korea101

winter camps, and the "22 hours"

Started by taeyang

Winter camps/short term contracts

Started by Intrepid

Winter Camps: 1 or 2

Started by Janitor

Winter Camps: More than one school?

Started by kalashnikov

Winter vacation

Started by Phoenix

Winter Vacation and Camp

Started by shellyryan

winter vacation dates

Started by timbexx

Winter vacation during last 2 weeks of contract

Started by Loocy

Winter vacation hours

Started by lazycat

Winter Vacation ISSUES!!!

Started by Nooners

winter vacation problems

Started by pinklemonade

Winter vacation schedule

Started by star32569

Winter/Summer camp, half day?

Started by teacher2004

wishing i hadn't re-signed

Started by mooninkorea

Withdrawing Korean account once you're back home

Started by Rina

Won't let me leave till 5pm but I start at 8-8:30 am

Started by Say what?!

Wonderland Daegu Contract

Started by roamincatholic

woosong paying upto 3.5m

Started by lugubregondola

Work 24 hours per week between two [public] schools

Started by lbcloud

Work Experience? Do I Mention it or Not?

Started by koreanstar

Work Help!

Started by Justawaygook119

Work Hours (gepik middle school)

Started by annekat

Work Opportunities on a Marriage Visa?

Started by Summer

Work VISA and Cured Syphilis

Started by SeoulEater789

Working 35hrs/week at City Hall School

Started by Dafinder

working a Saturday? yes, no, maybe so? looking for opinions and thoughts.

Started by kimchibimbo

Working another job with an E2 visa? (UK national)

Started by traveloshity

Working another school summer camp

Started by Englishguy8234

Working at a daycare?

Started by f4inkorea

working at a model school?

Started by jlehmke

working at a Pubic School want to go to a Hagwon (Visa advice)

Started by bigpapasmurf12


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