Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Who is responsible to get rid of original furnishings in the house?

Started by nespeaker

Who is the new GOE liason?

Started by generic

Who isn't deskwarming?

Started by damof

Who pays for problems in the school-provided apartment?

Started by timephone

Who pays for the Japan visa run?

Started by WickedBiccie

Who wants to help me organise a "club" activity?

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Who worked on Christmas Day?

Started by 2twiceasnice

Why are there classes in Februrary?

Started by twitch

Why are wages so low in Korea?

Started by UKteacher

Why aren't recruiters talking to me?

Started by Ley_Druid

Why can't I get a clear answer when asking about renewing for another year???

Started by mooninkorea

Why do hagwons continue with searching for newbies?

Started by Bulldogs12

Why do Koreans prefer female teachers?

Started by money55

Why do many Hagwons prefer North Americans?

Started by Clarebot

Why do public schools employ contract Korean teachers?

Started by JPinegar

Why do recruiters exist if you can find jobs and apply directly?

Started by activate

Why do some hagwons make summer/winter vacation Wed-Tues (one weekend only)?

Started by circonflexe

Why do you stay?

Started by NewNu2017

Why does Elementary school unofficially end early here?

Started by JPinegar

Why does EPIK require a TEFL when AEON (Japan) doesn't?

Started by LeapOver

Why does our school caretaker guy hate me?

Started by stephreay

Why does SMOE, EPIK, and GEPIK ask if you have broken a contract?

Started by Mlatte

Why don't schools hire directly?

Started by Cyanea

Why don't they have 6-month contracts here?

Started by Cyanea

Why donít schools properly assess their foreign teachers performance?

Started by Cyanea

Why is it so hard to get a public school job in Seoul?

Started by Piggydee

Why is it so hard to take a sick day In Korea?

Started by Cyanea

Why is my Director so Illogical?

Started by Arteta

why is non face to face teaching so badly paid?

Started by eggieguffer

Why is the pay in Korea not increasing?

Started by simw90

Why is vacation period inclusive of weekends and national holidays?

Started by mxm407

Why is Woosong University (Daejeon) always hiring?

Started by Toshiba

Why my boss is a korean "Joe"

Started by Busan1

Why was my pay at Hagwon so much higher than at Public school?

Started by Blast Hardcheese

Why were you non-renewed?

Started by Cyanea

Will a 100 hour online TEFL course still make me eligible for a pay increase?

Started by elledee

Will being a level 2 be enough? Or do I NEED a TEFL?

Started by Lparsons7641

Will dramamine or ZzzQuil effect drug test? / not a fan of flying.

Started by idkmybffdw

Will EPIK send you to POE if you requested a MOE?

Started by Redondo

Will having a Korean credit card impact credit score?

Started by GreenMan


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