Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

11 month firing in a public school?

Started by minmei

I was smacked on the back hard by a kid today.

Started by rocketeerjoe

How many weeks of winter camp

Started by Ajax

My principal touched my rear end

Started by Samsung2014

Telling off my Co-Ts

Started by incheon84

Problem's Resulting from St. Paddy's Day

Started by Janitor

Trouble Among Co-workers

Started by stan rogers

Sick of Korean Employers? Thinking of a Change?

Started by mdjolley

Do you think you're wasting your time in Korea?

Started by nzer


Started by Denevius

Korean popular culture a reason for coming here

Started by eggieguffer

Wow contracts are getting ridiculously bad

Started by koreaiskorea

Do you avoid eating lunch with your co-workers.

Started by Horus

Gender of your co-teachers

Started by bawaugh

EPIK has been a failure. What do you think?

Started by daehanguk

Are my expectations too high? Work hours, flights, etc.

Started by rebish

Quitting my job

Started by Clarsen

Asian American = next to no chance for a job?

Started by stuck3

Help! Special Leave Request because of dying parent

Started by HadongEup

Head co-teacher threatened to have me fired for standing up for myself (EPIK)

Started by gremlin99

Students call you "stupid?"

Started by weRborg

Re: GEPIK Budget cuts- good or bad for Korea?

Started by isanghan

Public school: tougher than I thought

Started by L I

Big fight with korean co teacher... Was I in the wrong?

Started by SuperDoodle23

End of Contract Flight Reimbursement for Traveling (NOT going home)

Started by rgracevn

EPIK teacher: I have to come in ALONE during the coronavirus closure, wtf?

Started by Samrey


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Students/co-workers who can't stop talking about the former teacher.

Started by Piggydee

2 Week Vacation Period if You Renew Contract-- School Says Can't Get it Until...

Started by JamericanTeacher

Gyeongsangnam-do GET Workshop 2016

Started by Zealot_Hill

Got accused of sleeping with a Korean Dude's wife

Started by jejuted

Chuseok and New Year Bonus, everyone except foreign teachers

Started by ART55

COteacher issues

Started by mcghe7

Snobbery, cliques and childishness at hagwons

Started by Scouser015

Leaving EPIK for a hogwan?

Started by BradyQ

The job market in Korea seems to be getting worse.

Started by L I

What would you do?? (CT sent me msg saying she doesn't want to come to classes)

Started by Canonite

Does race really effect your job opportunities and how you are treated?

Started by Old Brass

EPIK: Daejeon Training Session at the end of March.

Started by dostoevsky_21_81

How to get Fired

Started by PaulitoRubio


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