Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

How many times can E2 visa be extended?

Started by pbutton

Seeking Bucheon, Ka Chee Ool (까치울) Elementary School Teacher

Started by fee

Apostille and/or Notarization Questions

Started by shambles2.0

GEPIK 4th month paycheck: shouldn't it be bigger this month...?

Started by CellarDoor

Finger Prints

Started by Davey Doleman

GEPIK-early leave, what happens to vacation days????

Started by CA-SK

I have to a VISA RUN?!

Started by RatnaMH

Do I have to pay back GEPIK settlement allowance?

Started by loza

Be careful about leftover bills at a new school

Started by snafuman

Please Help. Hagwon didn't pay me and now has told me they will arrest me if...

Started by believeinblue

Marking writing test

Started by Seoulian

Anyone have any opinions on working in Mokpo?

Started by Mike Kojoori

Need some advice...

Started by erik1986

Hagwon (Private Institute) Abuse and Switching Schools

Started by karmicbutthole

How to handle a principal who hates you....

Started by youlovetonyt

2 Calendar Weeks to Include National Holidays?

Started by Eros

Being released from contract prematurely, need some advice on what to do next.

Started by Mike Kojoori

Can I change my mind about renewing with EPIK?

Started by injuredeagle

2011 GEPIK Summer PLUS Workshop

Started by jayd22j

NEED ADVICE!! Switching from SMOE to EPIK-BUSAN mid-contract!

Started by Kelloggs202

[SMOE] Can I apply again, if I cancel my renewal?

Started by Darkeru

4 th year renewal at same school!

Started by boeta777

Contract change

Started by ne0ica

Being pressured to drink by KTs

Started by jisun

Union for English teachers in Korea!

Started by boeta777


Started by mintsy

Quitting Early and Housing

Started by Ollie84

How to Get a University/College Position/Job

Started by GCN

Parents inviting you for dinner at their house?

Started by 7Suarez7

NET's roles vs. KT's roles

Started by whangdiana

Call their bluff stories

Started by firebreaker

Ending a Contract using Vacation Days

Started by Odang

Canceling classes for private teacher's class?

Started by SBracken

EPIK Couples accomodation

Started by Ravenscourt

still waiting on renewal??

Started by rohski

Contract signed, docs sent, is it safe to hand in my notice?

Started by Gráinne

Help! Reapplying background check and stuff

Started by taingray

havent' gotten my pension refund and it's waay past the expected date

Started by moonhaus

If I re-sign, is my airfare covered?

Started by joseph921

Do days you teach afterschool classes count as vacation days?

Started by Wretchard


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