Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Fingerprinting and ARC

Started by javdek1

Help with Job offers!!! I got 2, but don't know which one to choose!!

Started by eng55

Training my replacement!

Started by grajoker

Renewing your visa before you go home

Started by Jumpman Jr.

Should I Quit? Advice needed.

Started by Atomic

English Summer camp dispute with Co-Teacher

Started by Ochodnid

Dispute over 60 after school classes

Started by Ochodnid

Labor Law, national government sites.. all English.

Started by firebreaker

getting housing allowance

Started by stephni

People who have re-signed during the "no longer re-signing" period

Started by Jumpman Jr.

Monitoring classes when not teaching

Started by daisyumbrella

Good places to look for a new Job

Started by Savre

Forced to teach residential camp at another school

Started by gemccurday

Seoul vs. other provinces?

Started by fctrvl

Co-teacher struggles

Started by umbrellaofdoom

ARC regulations

Started by pmotamedi

Signed intent to renew but not another contract..can i still leave?

Started by DisplayName001

Advice: 6 month contract

Started by breezyp

School refuse to give reference...

Started by adlez

Added vacation days for renewals?

Started by popeye2u

EPIK Webcam Interview help please?

Started by kayun

Jane's Foreign Language School, Gumi

Started by LURKER

Camp Conundrum

Started by fatboy

Korean version of an LOR?

Started by Bunk

My School Doesn't Exist!? (a question)

Started by JahRhythm

Can I get a PS job in Korea with these health issues?

Started by writerly

Middle is tough...

Started by zenbone

Huge problem!!!! School is demanding that I make a decision about renewing NOW!

Started by Epistemology

Discrimination or just overt sensitivity?

Started by pokute

EPIK application dates, can anyone remember?

Started by UKsimon

Highschool Teachers. What do you do after exams?

Started by Mr.TDE

Transferring E-2 visa to a new job in a new province. What's involved?

Started by Bunk

Not allowed to give lower than 80% for high school speaking tests?

Started by paulsharman85

I want to quit my Hagwon and go back to EPIK, giving 6 months notice Advice plz!

Started by bigpapasmurf12

Substitute Needed July 25-29, Aug 8-12 (Seocho (Seoul National Univ of Ed)

Started by ahart

June 22-24 Gepik Elementary Orientation?

Started by OnNut81

Pension questions

Started by ktkates87

Moving from Busan to Seoul, changing MOE advise, please.

Started by jeffie_87

What's the best way of getting my final pay?

Started by jdb1983

My apartment sucks, do they have to offer me a new one....?

Started by suisse


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