Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

What are my rights as an F-4 visa holder(teacher)

Started by PenguinLancer

What are payslips called here or in Korean?

Started by marksurendra

What Are Some Good TEFL Job Search Sites (Besides ESL Cafe)?

Started by Driver 8

What are some hagwons that teach you how to teach

Started by Sel

What are some PS realitiies NOt stated in contract or in writing?

Started by Deranged Ranger

What are the consequences for “resigning” from a contract?

Started by IrodaTravels

What are the differences between a school and hagwon?

Started by mackn

What are you to do/teach for the ~2 weeks of school in January/February?

Started by donnal

What are your days like at the school you work at?

Started by Fraulion

What are your interview tips for finding a good school?

Started by pilferstarfish

What are your tips for a University teaching interview and presentation?

Started by marshmellow man

What can (and should) I be doing now to improve my chances of landing a Uni Job?

Started by Paul_and_Katie

What counts as "teaching hours?"

Started by Sara

What creative approach is your school taking towards summer camp?

Started by mel647

what did your school provide for you in your apartment?

Started by papayapie

What do I do now that I got fired?

Started by sundance

What do I do now?

Started by Montz

What do I stand to lose?

Started by redleader123

What do I tell my school?

Started by Wench

What do we do on winter vacation? (EPIC)

Started by korea20122012

What do you do if you have to do a number 2 at school?

Started by daehanguk

What do you do when students are spreading rumors about you?

Started by illybo

What do you do when you work with co-teachers you don't get along with?

Started by mel647

What do you make of this contract?

Started by hesperiina

What do you prefer English classroom office or with other teachers?

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

What do you say when the kids ask how old you are?

Started by Canonite

What do you think of Korea ESL list job posts?

Started by dom_esl

What do you wear for work (guys)?

Started by koreakorea

What docs do you need to switch jobs

Started by RJG

What documents do I need changing from a public to a private school.

Started by timbexx

What documents do I need to change my employer?

Started by cfcrules

What documents do I need to work if I am on an F visa?

Started by nab

What does "Opened to transferable teachers only" mean?

Started by LeapOver

What does "teaching hours" mean?

Started by jmwojdacz1

What Does a Good Contract Look Like?

Started by SFM

What does you Hagwon charge per hour?

Started by mxm407

What Happened to Renewal Evaluations?

Started by iggyb

What happened when you posted your resume?

Started by sheaforeal

What happened?

Started by bimons

What happened?? recently changed to an F4 .. need help.

Started by elevatorup


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