Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Transferring from Public School to a Hagwon

Started by Browncoat Japhy

Transferring from Public to private.

Started by Topdown

Transferring in Gangwon-do (and other small, non-Gangwon questions)

Started by Scorn

Transferring in Gangwon-do Province

Started by mgberta6

Transferring money from overseas

Started by chadteacher

Transferring my Visa/ Alien Card expiration... how long does it take? Illegal?

Started by pez

Transferring provinces in EPIK

Started by amanda1407

Transferring school within the BMOE.

Started by Liamoc12

Transferring schools - how does the current school react?

Started by anigerla

Transferring schools possible?

Started by nickster13

Transferring schools. Should I teach Middle or High school?

Started by bsweet

Transferring schools: Offending current school

Started by Brennand

Transferring to Seoul Spring 2018??

Started by jackiejoiner93

Transferring versus sticking it out

Started by bryoneyh

Transition from teaching to writing/editing?

Started by HabitualExpresser

Transitioning from Hagwon to Public School

Started by chasmmi

Transitioning to Public school

Started by f4inkorea

Translation Help Please = 2 lines

Started by sdizzle08

Translation of GEPIK parents' questionaire on NETs

Started by Brirish

Transportation issues

Started by SuperDoodle23

Trapped in vs. Banned from Korea! Breaking Contract Early EPIK ?

Started by toiletpaper

Trasncripts Nightmare

Started by fishead

Travel Between Jobs

Started by WellNowWhat

Travel time to your school

Started by Ivy Belle

Travel with only ARC number (no card)

Started by marksurendra

Traveling but returning before ARC expires

Started by barbbui

Travelling outside of Korea (and returning!) with a nearly-expired E2 Visa

Started by rxqueen

Travelling to North Korea

Started by Edelweiss

Treavelling not on actuall vacation okay?

Started by sirwinga

Trend of foreign Ts becoming head teachers

Started by basic69isokay

Tricky situation with LOR

Started by chaotic_quixotic

Trouble Among Co-workers

Started by stan rogers

Trouble at the Hagwon

Started by Colettedp

Trouble getting a release letter from my employer.... make a fake one?

Started by TallPaul

Trouble registering with hikorea immigration website.

Started by kiwikimchi

Truth or Rumor? Lump sum pension payment at the airport?

Started by SenoritaPantalonesdeSass

Trying to figure out how much pensuon I have

Started by baw004

Trying to figure out severance amount

Started by robbb3490

Trying to get a job...

Started by JoshuaST

Trying to get a new job in Korea

Started by Bulldogs12


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