Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Who wants to help me organise a "club" activity?

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Vacation days for your Native Country

Started by cozychul

Goodbye elementary...Hello Middle/High school - SHOULD I?

Started by 0mnslnd

Etiquette on correcting a co-teacher?

Started by WorldTraveler

What is the average salary of an experienced ESL teacher in GYUNGGI?

Started by cashmaire_08

Want to leave my Hogwan but afraid they won't pay

Started by gmdietrich

Can anyone vouch for this place??

Started by rachelsnyder

Block Scheduling?

Started by toiletpaper

Do we need the apostilled diploma and Background check again?

Started by kadams3

Short Term Contract (6 months or less) Q & A

Started by canadiacraig

Transferring provinces in EPIK

Started by amanda1407

22 Teaching Hours

Started by Eros

Evaluation scores.

Started by RazFoz


Started by toiletpaper

Midnight runs!

Started by grajoker

Recruiter asking me to bring additional documents with me to Korea?

Started by dustygusty

New Contract Advice

Started by Cereal

Teaching an expression... help

Started by smeagol134

Criminal background check/Apostille for Americans---info needed

Started by master pandemonium

non e-2 visas

Started by aldritg

bucheon ft

Started by Kingssurfer1

2nd medical check for visa renewal?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Questions about EPIK contract levels

Started by DaejeonJason

Open class

Started by rita2011

intermediate and low level classes.. mixed together.

Started by ehmaeearwhy

Can I get my Pension back?

Started by gingerged2000

Milking Me for Extra Hours

Started by yeti08

New EPIK contact and exam days off

Started by kleigh

How early should I start the new job hunt?

Started by jaybird

Help! Just got eaten alive in my first lesson.

Started by jbaile

government-sponsored student survey of native teachers?

Started by jisun

Private versus Public Schools in Korea

Started by QTEE

TEFL question

Started by forza_star

Cultural differences in student expectations

Started by orangeman

Questions regarding employment law/difficulties with Hagwon

Started by Pacific

Dirty Apartment

Started by elmodude

Leaving after 6 months instead of a year

Started by Smonk

Korean Won to USD

Started by polkadotss

Re-newing ones contract

Started by karizmadot

Sick days

Started by col89


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