Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Am I Being Robbed?

Started by BigHaDaddy

How does your school fit 100 hours of camp in a year?

Started by mr

Is a graduate diploma ok for a E2 visa

Started by UKteacher

School Taking Advantage

Started by bmym80

getting a new tattoo before arriving in korea

Started by bird212

Do you correct your CT's English?

Started by ohitsgary

Crying in front of hagwon boss

Started by kaya641

Proof of Employment

Started by gramps

One School Say I Have Off, Other School Say No. Is this Allowed?

Started by okapifire

5 day renewal vacation can only be used in your home country??

Started by Tyedude

Leaving contract one month early...any words of wisdom?

Started by Lola Teacher

EPIK summer vacation dates

Started by Virginia

Public school teachers: do you get paystubs?

Started by Makino

Medical insurance

Started by Akiva

What's the typical turn-around time after EPIK interview?

Started by Paul_and_Katie

When do Korean kids get sex education?

Started by dash17

Any other GEPIKers not paid?

Started by doreenkorea

Not asked to renew... what to do? (Gepik)

Started by Hot6^

Odd, hollow complaints from vp and principal

Started by Cask85

Going to the bank counted as vacation days?

Started by thejesusman

Waiting out the contract... anyone else?

Started by jffjp

Is this a set up?

Started by muffin85

How Many Weeks of Summer Camp Will You Teach?

Started by dostoevsky_21_81

Meaningless rant

Started by Pattinsons

ARGHH- CT driving me crazy re: Vacation time!

Started by Willow

choosing between EPIK and multiple Hagwon jobs

Started by alexc2000

Petition for Brits to get their pension reimbursed at the end of their contract

Started by dwebsterlfc

Think I'm being shafted by my hagwon...

Started by ehdee

How many hours do you work and how much do you get paid?

Started by LeapOver

Getting nervous??? (Criminal Background Check)

Started by sheaforeal

Make up fib on resume or not mention...

Started by BachataHeights

Inappropriate Youtube videos

Started by Piggydee

Urgent! Please help. Entering Korea without an e2, employer says I will get it i

Started by hdzdp

KT and NET "MUST" be in the same classroom?

Started by joseph921

In My Predecessor's Shadow

Started by natale_laplante

SMOE (epik) 2015 spring renewal question

Started by traveler2099

Problem: Co-teacherDemand: Bring them tomorrow!

Started by korea20122012

Working on Saturdays? (EPIK)

Started by kiraaso

Teaching Camp Alone: Legal or Illegal?

Started by razugoo

My coteacher has completely lost the plot

Started by secretsandmysteries500


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