Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Summer Vacation

Started by Byron

Summer Vacation if not renewing

Started by aplahey

Summer/Winter Camps at public schools

Started by guest0929

Suncheon Contract Start Dates in January or February???

Started by Gilligan

Sup, looking into teaching in Korea (Korvia/EPIK curiosity)

Started by hawkiko

Supervising High School State Exams?!?

Started by busangaz

Sure your pay is good, and you get free housing, but..

Started by freckleswin

Sure, my open class is going to bomb this week.

Started by LaChaca

Surgery Scar and medical exam

Started by Haibrok

SURPRISE! Job cut; now what?

Started by nomadicmadda

Surveillance in School

Started by Driver 8

Survey for my Thesis

Started by missabus

Survey for public school teachers

Started by adjuma

Suspicions about Health Insurance/Pension

Started by imagicaxx

Swearing (In English) at the Teacher

Started by jschaffer

Switching Co-Teachers?

Started by lazerbullet

Switching E2 to D10 Visa QUESTION

Started by justinjazz

Switching EPIK Apartments

Started by chgreenv

Switching from a E-2 to D-10 without a LOR

Started by kaya641

Switching from an E-2 to a F-2

Started by rhchris1

switching from an e-2 visa to a student visa, and resigning position early

Started by flips

Switching from an E2 --> C3(tourist) visa

Started by halfwayKorean

Switching from E-2 to C-4?

Started by ghfan90

Switching from EPIK to hagwon/GEPIK

Started by beginners_falafel

Switching from hagwon to public school: visa question!

Started by asísevive

Switching from Public to Hogwon: Visa Renewal issue - Criminal Check

Started by craker83

Switching Gepik schools - a question!

Started by Horus

switching GEPIK schools -advice

Started by jlehmke

Switching POEs - looking for EPIK employment - How to game the system?

Started by drkhv7

Switching regions?

Started by exodiatheforbiddenone

Switching school/city?

Started by mizzflyy

Switching Schools within the EPIK System...and Switching from EPIK to GEPIK

Started by JamericanTeacher

Switching to Housing Allowance in middle of school year?

Started by emcee

Switching Vacation lengths

Started by BreatheAdventure

Sworn oath form for notary

Started by snoring1234

Taiwan PS salary v Korea salary

Started by UKteacher

Take A Survey for a Book on Teaching English?

Started by lvzink

Take the school bus with the kindergarten kids

Started by tabitha53

Taking a break from EPIK and starting again

Started by Dinkymoo

Taking a detour on the way home (GEPIK)

Started by Engrish


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