Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Really feel like I've done the wrong thing

Started by Bulldogs12

GEPIK orientation for March 2012?

Started by moksori

Korean Embassy turn-around time

Started by Maisy501

Hagwon Health Insurance

Started by EmMargaret

Contract Renewal Advice PLEASE

Started by PeachCherryBlsm

Korean boss deducting tax from paycheck but not paying.

Started by kgby143


Started by GregSandford

Hagwon Closing, Legal Questions

Started by srfrwahine


Started by Lilly2011

Pension Q

Started by iggyb

Application Forms for National Health Insurance and Pension Office

Started by suigeneris

Not Knowing

Started by iggyb

Pension Refund And Starting a New Job

Started by Driver 8

Criminal background check in Korea

Started by Brit_1

Any information on Edup/Win Education?

Started by Ley_Druid

Transferring from Public School to a Hagwon

Started by Browncoat Japhy

Jean Specs in contract

Started by LAJenney

What is Popular on TV with the kids?

Started by iggyb

How did you book your flight home?

Started by iggyb

MORE background checking?!

Started by ses1985

Still no Visa Verification number after a month!

Started by LAJenney


Started by GCN

Quite complex visa situation- Veterans please tell me my options

Started by LordFlyte

Severance Tax Rate Q?

Started by iggyb

Teacher Fatigue

Started by jammyb

Question about Health Insurance

Started by Mezoti97

SMOE Severance Early?

Started by iggyb

NET's and Korean parents

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

FBI background check necessary for changing jobs?

Started by andygarth

Stealing files off my USB and computer

Started by neelbo1

Ready to Cry

Started by EmMargaret

Criminal Record Check in Canada (how long?)

Started by scott_158

KEB cash card.

Started by Chalkie

Slow/Not getting a reference

Started by tails

Tax question/help

Started by calvin0416

Office of Education "making us" sign new contract terms?

Started by DejaVu

A slap in the face from the JLP

Started by KingKrang

Truth or Rumor? Lump sum pension payment at the airport?

Started by SenoritaPantalonesdeSass

SMOE interview

Started by newhere

Some Legal Advice

Started by writerguy1


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