Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Applying to work in public school in busan

Started by Skyehawks

Applying Twice to EPIK or GEPIK

Started by Plaswuff

Appoint an agent for labor board dispute

Started by muffin85

Appropriate vs. Inappropriate: Where do you draw the line in class?

Started by Rocketman9465

Apsotilled Degree Question

Started by marksurendra

ARC expiry & visa extension

Started by conorg87

ARC has not shown up; lost receipt; no pay

Started by darkmatter

ARC regulations

Started by pmotamedi

ARC Renewal question

Started by Cereal

ARC renewal. Hikorea website is malware, apparently

Started by Angelinkorea

ARC Unreadable

Started by Aine1979

Are afterschool classes paid separately to regular classes?

Started by kimchiyum

Are Contracts With Multiple Schools Strict With Desk Warming Time?

Started by jaysoon17

Are documents returned or do I need to aply for them again?

Started by Artisis

Are E2 visa holders being deported or fined for working for an afterschool co?

Started by rosetintedwanderlust

Are Employers Failing their Employees?

Started by persimmon14

Are experience and qualifications valued?

Started by ManceRayder

Are F4 Visa holders subject to the entrance health exam??

Started by krs743

Are hagwons a bad choice for 1st year applicants?

Started by lolfroza

Are Korean hagwons no longer offering return flights?

Started by weigookin74

Are Koreans with arrest records allowed to teach?

Started by weRborg

Are my chances of securing a good job increased if I am already in Seoul?

Started by DQuick25

Are my expectations too high? Work hours, flights, etc.

Started by rebish

Are pensions protected?

Started by licensetoteach

Are schools being told not to hire expereinced teachers?

Started by dandred

Are schools notified when you leave the country for a vacation?

Started by ktripp

Are short term extensions possible?

Started by Row

Are TALK scholars entitled to get May 1st labour day off?

Started by kiwikimchi

Are the 22 hours/wk an average, or for any given week?

Started by Jcalmeyer

Are There Any "Better" Job Websites Besides Dave's, Craigslist, etc.???

Started by ithinkinailedit

Are there any legal penalties for backing out of a contract last minute?

Started by fishead

Are there many places that hire on November or December?

Started by LeapOver

Are there more jobs than teachers or more teachers than jobs in Korea?

Started by LeapOver

Are there really GEPIK spring jobs in April or May?

Started by eatyoveggies

Are these salaries for schools really feasible?

Started by internationalteacher

Are we the only people disciplining Korean kids?

Started by incognito84

Are you allowed to have your family member from the US stay at your room?

Started by Sel

Are you going to a Uiwang elementary school? Contact me.

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Are You Leaving Public School?

Started by iggyb

Are You Leaving SMOE in September/October?

Started by Ley_Druid


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