Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Credible ticket agents/rates

Started by lecrawford


Started by luoldeng9

Parent has a temper tantrum in class.

Started by JABU NXAU

Browbeating, negative co-teacher

Started by tideout

Changing apartments while with same EPIK school...who pays expenses?

Started by Canonite

SMOE peeps: when did you get your end-of-contract bonus?

Started by Freeto

Sure your pay is good, and you get free housing, but..

Started by freckleswin

Mid-contract location change

Started by rkh1234

Ridiculous new country schools allocation in Jeollanamdo Province

Started by mxm407

EPIK - entrance allowance?

Started by fader7

anyone know anything about residency status certificate from Australia...

Started by regingna


Started by Warra

New hagwon after contract

Started by GreenTeaBD

Transitioning from Hagwon to Public School

Started by chasmmi


Started by nicolescully80

Could I get in trouble for not renewing?

Started by Courtney88

About GEPIK Category (salary issue)

Started by Stivy

GEPIK Summer/winter breaks

Started by Joltz

do other schools/hakwons know if you quit your previous teaching job

Started by honeysherbert

E2 visa renewal

Started by fogsy

Cell Phone

Started by SKotyluk

Saturday Schools

Started by kklekotka

Teachers from US only - Residency Certification

Started by Stivy

Asus Transformer Prime Released in KOREA SON!

Started by kps1

When is GEPIK orientation this year?

Started by w4z

What documents do I need to work if I am on an F visa?

Started by nab


Started by SKotyluk

Public school with NO airfare?

Started by hellobluemonday

More difficult to get a public school job if you don't complete a contract?

Started by mel647

What is your attire at work?

Started by bjinglee

After school classes

Started by MaryKate

Work Hours (gepik middle school)

Started by annekat

Is it hard/impossible to find work in July?

Started by xiloa360

Staying in Korea but not renewing at my question!

Started by sweetjane2011

Microsoft Powerpoint

Started by fourthchild

How do you deal with a co-teacher that acts differently depending on mood?

Started by stephanie6bix

Just sent for background check. Now what?

Started by tonyynot

Confusion inc.

Started by JABU NXAU

Advice for job interview lesson plan/mock teaching (public HS) ?

Started by waywardwanderer

What is the process with collecting pension?

Started by beyondlollyholly


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