Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

School is making me pay for heating

Started by iamspartacus

School IT genius formatted three hard drives

Started by Aqvm

School Log?

Started by Hot6^

School lost my certificate of residency.

Started by 001bautista

School Lost My Residency Certificate!

Started by new-waygook

School lunch - *NEW POLL!*

Started by liannehugo

School lunch - Vegetable Fridays

Started by LemonWater

School making me to pay partial for the "provided" housing...

Started by mornajackel

School making my pay back 900,000 security deposit. PLEASE HeLP.

Started by appletarty

School Membership Fee

Started by allywentworth

School not honoring contract - what can I do?

Started by hi54u

School not replacing stolen property?

Started by daechan16

School not taking out taxes -

Started by barbbui

School offering health insurance through a private company?

Started by aross05

School paying on date other than expected

Started by korea20122012

School payments

Started by techteacher

School provided apartment furniture

Started by neeps

School refuse to give reference...

Started by adlez

school refused to renew my contract if I requested apartment change

Started by dash17

School refusing to give a stamp/seal for a Letter of Recommendation... Unusual?

Started by buddy_eh

School refusing to pay for overtime

Started by EvilToast

School renovations - Safe?

Started by rxqueen

school requiring separate background check

Started by minoKo

School Saying I must Install an App

Started by Eros

School says they overpaid me and wants the money back in cash...?

Started by meepmoopimmarobots

School Social Events - Is it okay to not go?

Started by sauronic

School Sponsored Private Tutoring?

Started by Hidden

School Taking Advantage

Started by bmym80

School taking half of recruiter's fees out of paycheck

Started by laash

School taking money directly out of my bank account

Started by goobi

School talked bad about you to MOE so now can't stay in PS! What's next for you?

Started by brad2205

School tells me job is no longer available 2 days before my flight HELP?

Started by ellenehartounian

School transfer - DENIED

Started by incheon84

School undergoing some construction but I'm asked to come in

Started by teacher0344

School Vacation Time

Started by red

School vs. School... what should I do?

Started by caerdroia

School wants a deduction from severance pay

Started by amymwillis

School wants me to pay for part of my flight home.

Started by blondebusanite

School Wants Me To Work Later

Started by hick

School Wants to Buy Me A Gift

Started by SeoulGirl


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