Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Renewing your visa before you go home

Started by Jumpman Jr.

Rent - paying in advance

Started by Lizelle

Rent Question

Started by kicker_qb01

Repairs for Damaged Property

Started by Janitor

Repeated requests to confirm administrative details.

Started by DevilMogun

replacement ARC Alien Registration Card - Busan

Started by teaseruk

Reporting someone for teaching privates?

Started by fizzyizzy

Reprimanded for Being Blunt in Teacher Training Class

Started by RJones1989

Requesting a new school in my MOE

Started by echo

Requesting a visa release letter for a new job

Started by tbarrows

Requesting bigger settlement allowance/ advance on first paycheck?

Started by kt2000

Requesting documents back from EPIK

Started by caesar771

Requesting FBI Check from Within US - Pre-Addressed Envelope Needed?

Started by BubbaD

Requesting Leave on NEIS (Guide)

Started by Datasapien

Requesting Leave via NEIS

Started by catherineL15

Requesting locations when renewing with EPIK

Started by photochic1

Requesting Maternity Leave: STRATEGICALLY...

Started by purpleradish

Requesting State Criminal Background Checks from Korea

Started by brianameadows

Required documents for returning teachers

Started by Lwal425

Requirements for an E1 Visa?

Started by Patrick K

Requirements for teaching at 4 year university- your experience?

Started by santacl

Rescinding job offers

Started by DReicht

Residency Certificate

Started by busanman

residency certificate advice needed

Started by rhiannonsmada91

residency certificate denied

Started by rhiannonsmada91

Residency Certificate Denied (Dual Resident???)

Started by CookieCat

Residency Certification (tax paper)

Started by amya

Residency tax? Pay in cash to teacher??

Started by FunFunEnglish

Resident tax when I shouldn't be taxed?


Resign bonus vacation time

Started by This guy

Resign EPIK and get D10

Started by Proctor

Resignation letter what should it say HELP!!

Started by What?What?

resignation problems (please help)

Started by honeysherbert

Resignation stuff need advice

Started by whitemapleleaf

Resigning a second year contract at a Hogwon

Started by cookiemonster713

Resigning at 6 month mark

Started by peps201

Resigning Before end of Contract: Housing Deposit Return

Started by canadasaram

Resigning Dates?

Started by wasserjp

Resigning early

Started by Pandy627

Resigning EPIK contract before payday

Started by cansom


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