Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Snobbery, cliques and childishness at hagwons

Started by Scouser015

Have any good advice for finding a good hagwon?

Started by scratchit

Getting another job after having been fired

Started by scratchit

Need advice

Started by Scrompie

Can a school do this?

Started by sd43n4

Affadavit, US Embassy Hours and Korean Criminal Check???

Started by sdizzle08

Translation Help Please = 2 lines

Started by sdizzle08

Small talk and schmoozing

Started by seabiscuit

hagwon politics

Started by seabiscuit

Does It Matter If I Attended An International School Abroad?

Started by seafoodandsun

Can i change from a C4 visa to tourist visa?

Started by seamie89

Recruiter asking for copies of passport and criminal background check

Started by seamwash

FBI CBC question

Started by seanim822

Changing to F3 from E7 While in korea

Started by Seansmith

Paying Taxes

Started by seaton1456

E2 visa transfer to new school?

Started by seaydg

Runners and those who never made it at all

Started by seaydg

Previous employer giving unjustified bad reference

Started by sebe86

Vacation During the Semester

Started by sechje

How to Quit?

Started by secretagent

My coteacher has completely lost the plot

Started by secretsandmysteries500

How much do you clean in your school?

Started by seeber

8 Hours a Day with Nobody to Talk to..

Started by Sega

How many DIFFERENT lessons do you teach each week?

Started by Sega

What are some hagwons that teach you how to teach

Started by Sel

Can you get a one way ticket back home in money to buy a round trip ticket?

Started by Sel

If you only intend to teach for 6 months would it be immoral to sign 1 yr?

Started by Sel

Are you allowed to have your family member from the US stay at your room?

Started by Sel

Questions and Answers for American Taxes

Started by seligamon22

Summer camp overtime pay?

Started by seminonymous

Can school deny sick days and deduct pay or vacation days instead?

Started by senel

When can I say no to my principal?

Started by senel

Truth or Rumor? Lump sum pension payment at the airport?

Started by SenoritaPantalonesdeSass

Vacation days, 9 in winter break, 1 in Spring?! help please!

Started by senorpacific

Public Schools Requiring a Cancer Check Now???

Started by Seoul1

Renewing F-4 Visa

Started by seoul123456

New CT... Whelp!

Started by SeoulAlone

To re-sign or resign.... that is the question

Started by SeoulAlone

Online Master's degrees on the way out

Started by SeoulCaliber

Gap between 1st and 2nd contract

Started by SeoulEater789


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