Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

E2 Visa Transfer Waiting Time

Started by kaya641

Need Some Advice

Started by bdurrani

Renewal Vacation question

Started by kgby143

Corporal punishment

Started by mruelas

Security Deposit

Started by michelle bee

Only 3 Questions about High Schools (compared to elementary)

Started by 0mnslnd

Repairs for Damaged Property

Started by Janitor

Irritable, lazy and seriously impatient co-teacher.

Started by StuntMan

Too many darn open classes

Started by loumac

Another (!) E2 Visa Renewal Question

Started by MWeb37

To stay in Elementary school or go elsewhere?

Started by sauronic

Tips on coming in at the middle/end of the semester?

Started by Guvut

Arriving 2.5 months early for EPIK, can I still get flight reimbursement?

Started by dragonsfiresoul

winter vacation dates

Started by timbexx

Crying in front of hagwon boss

Started by kaya641

CBC confusion

Started by tszamiel

Students call you "stupid?"

Started by weRborg

Overtime Potentially Being Withheld; Advice Needed

Started by JL5205


Started by Waygookingumisi

And this is WHY I HATE going to Suwon Immigration every year

Started by cornflakes

CCTV installed in my classroom and nowhere else

Started by Denver Dave

Requirements for teaching at 4 year university- your experience?

Started by santacl

Should I do a TEFL course?

Started by hyungjoonkim8

Newbie question pay

Started by LiamO

Letter of Release required at what point

Started by swissmiss

Question about my medical test/extending E2 visa

Started by thebobjob2k

Teaching at multiple schools

Started by bawaugh

I'm not sure if i can handle the head teacher anymore.

Started by Agarath

When to book flights for winter vacation (help?)

Started by ladysearah

Public school treats me like a hagwon teacher

Started by alyssa.callahan

EBS: English Teacher Training Center course for EPIK teachers?

Started by minamteacher

Open Class failure

Started by bawaugh

CT Gave Me Bad Reference Letter

Started by Hoosier_Jedi

Korea visa process time

Started by travis1983

Help with specific schools

Started by ksweeney59

working a Saturday? yes, no, maybe so? looking for opinions and thoughts.

Started by kimchibimbo

MOVED: When your students start complaining about being in class

Started by taeyang

Resigning at 6 month mark

Started by peps201

Not renewing so you can get a Holiday

Started by Redondo

Public School Gift Question

Started by Guvut


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