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what would you do?

Started by aisy

BOE phasing out positions in Gyeongsangnamdo?

Started by Crowded

GEPIK renewal flight reimbursement

Started by Engrish

I love the country, but the job...

Started by rosemarie

Return airfare reimbursement?

Started by jenilyn8705

School Being Closed - Help

Started by Canadian23

different tax rates in korea?

Started by travis1983

Having an Interview at an Elementary School, Any Tips?

Started by jaysoon17

Are F4 Visa holders subject to the entrance health exam??

Started by krs743

Visa transfer, official documents etc HELP PLEASE

Started by dmw

korean tax refund?

Started by travis1983

I work at GEPIK and thinking about calling sick the last day. Possible problems?

Started by nowayjose

Winter vacation schedule

Started by star32569

Get all the docs again, just because?!!

Started by Suz-goose

GEPIK Phone Number

Started by mrjinglescf

Can I apply EPIK now again if I just got rejected in last November?

Started by kiu_wwkk

URGENT HELP PLEASE!! Part time teaching (plus health insurance question)

Started by esuh90

Can You Use More than 1 Recruiter for GEPIK?

Started by jaysoon17

Korean Tax Question: US Citizen

Started by Ley_Druid

Part-time working positions-how do they work?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Public High School - 1 week of classes in the middle of break?

Started by mrjinglescf

Inappropriate requests for money by my Co - Advice needed!

Started by sarajean

Work 24 hours per week between two [public] schools

Started by lbcloud

January paycheck

Started by Nokcha

Multiple School Allowance During Winter Vacation.

Started by Christopher.Fountain51

Tax for South Africans

Started by Oakley

Frustrated - advice appreciated!

Started by astoriagables

GEPIK final pay confusion

Started by umbrellaofdoom

HELP! ADVICE NEEDED!!! PLEASE HELP RE: Flight Reimbursement.

Started by Mr.TDE

pension withdrawal for jeonse

Started by tesoljon

Contact Cut 14 Days Early

Started by macmon00

Still in 2nd year contract but the school is trying to tax me

Started by DejaVu

Using vacation time to leave early possible?

Started by nickster13

Nervous...change of mgmt and wanted to sign a new contract...

Started by astoriagables

MOVED: Institutions that offer CELTA or Trinity TESOL diploma in Seoul/Incheon area

Started by taeyang

My hagwon was sold -- PLEASE ADVISE

Started by TheDanielDaugherty

When Do Public Schools Decide on a Teacher?

Started by jaysoon17

Vice Principal refuses to write me a letter of recommendation.

Started by ILoveLucy

Need to fly home for my sisters wedding. What are my options?

Started by tonyynot


Started by jammyb


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