Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

school refused to renew my contract if I requested apartment change

Started by dash17

new spouse and insurance taxes etc

Started by travis1983

Office politics

Started by peach26

Public school apartments

Started by Nivea

English Speaking Robots Arrival

Started by dachiza727

Korean teachers in public schools

Started by peach26

Do health insurance payments increase with salary?

Started by SeoulPurpose

photocopy of an apostille or original apostille

Started by blake

actual diploma apostille?

Started by tesoljon

Vacation days cut?

Started by traveloshity

New (faster) backend process at the FBI?

Started by Paul_and_Katie


Started by whitemapleleaf

Can I see your 2555 and 1040 to reference my own?

Started by weRborg

taking old job back next year? changing offices of education?

Started by travis1983

References Letters From Problem Schools

Started by FalseFace

Looking to settle down in Korea, want advice about jobs for the long-term.

Started by baekgom84

TESOL requirement?

Started by waterfall12

Delay in contract renewal

Started by jogolo

Getting hassled about housing

Started by Aqvm

Late to work

Started by bawaugh

epik summer vacation window?

Started by travis1983

What documents do I need changing from a public to a private school.

Started by timbexx

New and just need to meet minimums: What TEFL cert should we get?

Started by Paul_and_Katie

what did your school provide for you in your apartment?

Started by papayapie

Leaving Korea...possible to extend E-2 Visa to possibly work Summer Camp?

Started by edge518

Not renewed at current school with EPIK - can i apply to another EPIK school ??

Started by dmw

Asking for reference

Started by bork

Visa questions

Started by Tyshine

Contract Renewal

Started by whitemapleleaf

A friendly note to your replacement/guide for new teacher

Started by matthew254


Started by boeta777

will you be at school during "spring break"?

Started by papayapie


Started by shimmeringseoul

questions regarding end of contracts.

Started by gothicgrim

Who pays for problems in the school-provided apartment?

Started by timephone

How do I pay my american taxes? do I pay?

Started by Jameskenpo

whiteboard room with wifi for general use in seoul?

Started by smariot

what would you do?

Started by aisy

BOE phasing out positions in Gyeongsangnamdo?

Started by Crowded

GEPIK renewal flight reimbursement

Started by Engrish


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