Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Need Advice for immediate problem

Started by bbc358

Confirmation over contract wording please!

Started by karoo_guy

Flight allowance changes?

Started by adamC

First Time Teaching - Would Appreciate Some Advice

Started by BearPig91

One of my students has been stealing from me. What to do, what to do???

Started by TallPaul

New Korean laws about English textbooks and grades

Started by MitchCraig

School Electricity Problems -> Canceled Cooking Class

Started by caerdroia

Question about Severance for Public School Teacher

Started by Jman88

Saturday classes? (special programs?)

Started by aarolye

Changes to SMOE EPIK pay grade calculations from August 2014

Started by linguaman

EPIK: Is my co-teacher my boss?

Started by Jimmer

Anyone ever heard of a hagwon or university hiring a NT to teach German?

Started by _Omiak_

Documents on file with Immigration

Started by daithi

Limit on how many times you can renew @ a single GEPIK school?

Started by BayouDrank

Gyeonggi-do teachers to work without co-teachers soon??

Started by viennica

Would you consider this job? Need opinions

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

severance pay

Started by joseph921

Can Afterschool teaching at a Public school count as experience for Unis?

Started by saram_

I have been home 5 weeks and only received my severance!

Started by nowayjose

Irish yearly tax in 1 big lump sum correct?!

Started by Nooners

Higher than usual pay on first payslip?

Started by dnnysn

Entrance Allowance

Started by ingrid28

Letter of Release: Refusal by Employer

Started by plet9090

Hours Worked Per Week and National Holidays/Sick Leave

Started by Maple Leaves

Apartment flooded and Coteacher says I need to pay Realestate Fee for new place?

Started by sschwarz88

What's going on here?

Started by tastytom

Considering leaving after 6 months of my new contract...

Started by thejesusman

Employer refusing to honor return airfare. Anything I can do?

Started by jimmysugarvi

Leaving - but paid less on my last paycheck

Started by timmahh

Paying extra apartment maintenance fees?

Started by HabitualExpresser

Renewal Conundrum Please Advise

Started by Dengar

EPIK - do you have to change schools?

Started by robotco

They Want Me to Stay 6 More Months? GEPIK

Started by Ectofuego

Currently freaking out :(

Started by heidibosshard

anyone do a second medical check before leaving Korea?

Started by weezy

Immigration Office Mistake?

Started by kiraaso

Upcoming Changes!! Ask your coteacher

Started by joybot0

Does hagwon brand matter?

Started by fbifbi625

Has anyone had to do a psych evaluation as part of the medical for recontracting

Started by Canonite

Public Schools and Families

Started by iamrhart


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