Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Change of Sojourn

Started by pilferstarfish

Is it possible to get married without your school knowing? (E-2 to F-2 visa)

Started by sauronic

old coteacher: cant be friends anymore....possible scandal?

Started by travis1983

Alternative jobs for English speakers?

Started by Danny Pro

Moving apartments for safety reasons?

Started by aa16950482

GEPIK requirements for flight home

Started by charliensk

Watching Your Co-Teacher Bomb - Continuously (Rant)

Started by FalseFace

Are you teaching or Assisting

Started by star32569

MOVED: "How much of a difference do native English teachers make?" Korean Herald Articl

Started by taeyang

The loveliness of indirect co-teachers

Started by lee233

Has anyone had their class schedules change dramatically this yr for elementary?

Started by gothicgrim

MOVED: Near native speaking student in my class

Started by justanotherwaygook

Re-signing, but this time being sponsored by city hall... differences???

Started by smun50

EPIK: No more entrance allowance for in country applicants?

Started by L I

Bill Payments

Started by iamrhart

11 Month Fire Thread and Related Stuff

Started by Jrong

Possible Contract trouble - double contract

Started by Elsby

Teaching Hours (EPIK)?

Started by korea20122012

Health Check

Started by madison79

Need some feedback and opinions

Started by joseph921

How do you stay motivated?

Started by peach26

Checking your pension

Started by jwoon

Irish national but British citizen- help!

Started by meabhmca

Couple of questions

Started by scarlet1169

Residency tax? Pay in cash to teacher??

Started by FunFunEnglish

Career Certificate?

Started by tausha12

Need Help: Sexual Harassment EPIK

Started by Baerchen2013

the future of public schools in korea

Started by travis1983

Is this Normal? Apartment Question.

Started by annoymous

E-2 Visa transfer question

Started by busanite86

How does placement in schools work?

Started by lianney

Does anyone know about these schools in Daegu SK??

Started by rachelsnyder

End of contract and appartment issue. "Not uncommon" -CoT

Started by rahfh

Non-teaching hours at PS

Started by S.Lee

EPIK: Breaking Contract

Started by berin-gangwon

After School Teachers, what's your contract like?

Started by orangemint

Asked to do Speaking tests ... in 2 weeks

Started by alljokingaside

MOVED: Advice: Canadian student in my English speaking class

Started by taeyang

Question about spouse visa.

Started by kevin76

Leaving contract early

Started by imagicaxx


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