Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

School asking me to leave a large sum of money behind to cover expenses

Started by DeiseBoy

Housing choice GEPIK

Started by kimchifries

Working during "Spring Recess"

Started by aczelusta

Not renewing = penalty black mark on English teachers

Started by persimmon14

Got visa, currently out of the country, didnít know I needed passport stamped. W

Started by Krada1212

Teaching 1st and 2nd grade English (Illegal?)

Started by TeachaTeacha33

Being let go for being "too expensive"

Started by plan b

Holding out for the perfect job or being too picky?

Started by APH

Getting Unemployment Insurance in Korea

Started by fishead

Are there any legal penalties for backing out of a contract last minute?

Started by fishead

Question for those married with F-visas.

Started by Sagi Keun

Good delaying tactics for dealing with recruiters

Started by fishead

Is working for a hogwan really that bad?

Started by fishead

Kindergarten - Elementary Hagwon vs Older students Hagwon

Started by APH

Should I pretend I don't know Korean to get accepted into the TaLK program?

Started by kween_of_pettys

KIIP-Lost ID/Password. Difficult time recovering both.

Started by talk20gen

EPIK severance pay (transferring MOE)

Started by Edelweiss

Terminating contract before end date (F4 visa)

Started by bellabella

Having family in Korea bad for EPIK Interview?

Started by Boilerbunch

Hagwon closing and short term contracts

Started by APH

Medical Exam Help please!

Started by CypherSoul

Better to apply for Gyeonggi or Seoul?

Started by Boilerbunch

Applying to EPIK & Korvia?

Started by passionatespirit

Hagwon going bust?

Started by APH

MOVED: Passport questions

Started by DaStrongOne

Is 120 hours the new standard for TEFL?

Started by mchatela

2nd Grade Students in Winter Camp

Started by lhelena

Do I need a new FBI background check

Started by JohnD

EPIK Renewal Bonus - Busan

Started by alexisalex

EPIK Severance Pay Question

Started by DeiseBoy

Vacation days in hagwons

Started by therealmo

Pet peeves with Recruiters

Started by Sagi Keun

Income tax for Part Time Employees

Started by minako

MAX vacation days?

Started by orange6ur1

Questions regarding make up policy

Started by gatekeeper87

Hypothyroidism: Will I be disqualified?

Started by WoodsA15

Coteacher mind change - anyone else get this?

Started by Joshuaflo

Left Alone for Winter Camp

Started by KarineESL

Is the job market bad right now? Or just me?

Started by alanO

Attitude towards foreign teachers

Started by APH


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