Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Public School: It's just so rough y'all

Started by chardhannay

Gyeongnam / Chungnam & Alternatives

Started by StillInKorea

Getting a police clearance certifice for Korea from England

Started by nickinengland

Anyone know information about Kaylee English academy?

Started by tiffanylamyt

Teaching anything other than conversational english on an e2 is illegal

Started by thunderlips

Hakwan characters and general lunacy

Started by OnNut81

Realistic expectations for moving back to Korea? (Salary, job availability etc)

Started by APH

Are All Kindergartens This Crazy? What's Your Experience?

Started by Allpointseast

Bupyeong Position

Started by NorthStar

Delay to the start of the semester? Delay to the end of the semester...

Started by sleepy

[Survey] How do you feel about being an English teacher in Korea?

Started by ian_moodie

Anyone else just received some COVID19 rules in english via document by Edu.?

Started by teacher0344

Aug 17th is RED DAY.

Started by Colburnnn

Odd, I haven't received housing allowance for 4 months - public school

Started by kayakee

Applying for pension...

Started by purpleparrot

Poly starting salary

Started by Mwe

EPIK Spring 2020 Contract Start and End Dates

Started by CookieCat

Contract advice

Started by ChrisD

For someone more knowledgeable about contracts than me.

Started by aarron_boone

First hagwon contract + VISA advice

Started by geo123

Quitting after two weeks

Started by illi

D10 Visa Changes

Started by Cyanea

Is marking homework at elementary school normal?

Started by Howard Moon

Holding a 2 week camp over the 2 week summer vacation. What?

Started by OnNut81

NEIS certificate?

Started by CypherSoul

Going rate for at-home tutoring?

Started by bergsa

Extremely quiet classes

Started by Edelweiss

Change in work hours

Started by vern

Employer shutting down with only 24 days notice to us

Started by AnnualChange

How to Cope With Stress and a Crazy Boss?

Started by Allpointseast

Getting into Korea during Covid 19 & Badasoop English Village

Started by Bulldogs12

Offer made but no salary stated

Started by vern

Bad time to come back?

Started by APH

An entire grade missing this year! What happens?

Started by kayakee

English Teacher Jobs at Risk - Get Ready

Started by fruitloops

Official Announcements RE Delayed Semester Schedules

Started by sleepy

If I am forced to work at school when it re-opens, I could die of COVID-19

Started by fruitloops

South Africa Pension Exemption

Started by Rhetorical

RE: Useful Reddit Sub for contract questions and reviews

Started by get_me_dog

GOE - Gyeongsangdo vacation question

Started by Nokcha


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