Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Canadian CRC notarization

Started by Redondo


Started by iamrhart

Signing an attendance sheet for June 6th???

Started by rollthedice26

How Much Should This Pay?

Started by BTeacher

New Owners

Started by midnightpariah

Average wait time?

Started by troyniss

No pay grade increase after re-signing?

Started by stricks

Co-teacher taking out his stress on the students

Started by nschenk512

Considering Quitting Current Hagwon, But How Can I Continue Working in Korea?

Started by asa47

Not being paid and contractual compromises being made.

Started by Jake from sydney

Contract renewal question

Started by EvilToast

Being let go from my current Hogwan, what are my legal rights?

Started by Mitchflatt

Question to other teachers

Started by AnsanTeach

Korean Embassy rejcected passport and I leave in two weeks..

Started by nicksnare

Unpaid school saturday trip, (13 hours).

Started by helppp

Hagwons...worth the experience?

Started by whitemapleleaf

Already? on a monday?

Started by iamrhart

Work Experience? Do I Mention it or Not?

Started by koreanstar

Good Hagwon Contracts?

Started by Nominstar86

FBI apostille

Started by busanman

Getting a job once my E2 visa documentation is in?

Started by amadeuscho

When do schools check your references?

Started by Redondo

Experience without references?

Started by Redondo

Getting a Korean Police record check.

Started by Beast

4 day summer vacation? (with EPIK)

Started by aribee

How much do you clean in your school?

Started by seeber

School-wide survey on whether they want another foreign teacher...

Started by Ronan

GEPIK School prorating Rural Allowance

Started by forasong

Good Recuiter for teacher already in Korea?

Started by DanO22

E2 medical check report how long is it valid?

Started by pokute

Process of applying to hagwon

Started by gchan19

Can I get my documents back?

Started by optimusyale

How to resign

Started by ppolicherla91

Public Schools & Korean Hagwon Recruiters

Started by Nominstar86

Thinking about breaking my EPIK contract early.

Started by stu1980

Tips on doing a Interview video and other issues in applying to work in Korea

Started by Rosie_Swimmer

F6 Visa holder looking to do privates

Started by Pattinsons

Unfair dismissal from Hagwon and refusal to pay flight home

Started by imuh

School renovations - Safe?

Started by rxqueen

FBI Channeler Checks (EPIK)

Started by ipreachthetruth


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