Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Missing Orientation with EPIK?

Started by fi-fy-foe-fum

Missionary offering low wages, should someone take that Job? Yes or NO

Started by money55

Misspelled middle name on diploma, will it matter?

Started by Lparsons7641

Mistake on EPIK application

Started by RubyMoon88

MKIDS English Busan Teachers

Started by ganstar

Mock lesson. What to expect.

Started by obwannabe


Started by dyst0pian

MOE could be in for a "surprise"...

Started by Pecan

MOE University Hiring Requirements

Started by MJHanson

MOE wants my original diploma

Started by pilferstarfish

MOE/POE no longer allowing contract renewals in Chungnam

Started by devsterl


Started by DutchDoll1988

Monday morning quarterback coteacher

Started by SuperDoodle23

Money Back

Started by jmeyer8480

Money for unused flight home for renewing Canadian GEPIK teachers

Started by bmsteacher

Money well spent . . . . .

Started by joker320

Monitoring classes when not teaching

Started by daisyumbrella

Monthly Bonuses (Rural, Multi-school)

Started by Modernist

Monthly deductions for SMOE teachers with housing allowance

Started by the mighty sergio

Monthly paycheque deductions - health insurance, income tax, etc. (For SMOE)

Started by Dinkymoo

Monthly Teacher dues

Started by Samsung2014

Moon Jae-In to Shut Down English Teachers?

Started by viennica

MORE background checking?!

Started by ses1985

More difficult to get a public school job if you don't complete a contract?

Started by mel647

more discipline ideas please!

Started by JABU NXAU

More EPIK cuts in Chungcheongbukdo

Started by ashe1590

More information about Letter of Release

Started by adriansergiusz

More Letter of Release Problems

Started by OogaBooga

Move from Jeolla Province to Ansan or Suwon in Feb 2013 within EPIK...realistic?

Started by elledee

Moved to a new Public school all my bomb games malfunction

Started by fishead

MOVED: Gwangju Hagwon kindergarten-Looking for replacement

Started by gagevt

MOVED: "How much of a difference do native English teachers make?" Korean Herald Articl

Started by taeyang

MOVED: "you and I" or "you and me"?

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Accessing online banking from outside of Korea

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Advice: Canadian student in my English speaking class

Started by taeyang

MOVED: any advice for teaching kindy, pre-k ages 4-7.

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Any information about Kisstone Academy (Yongsan, Seoul)?

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Any information on younienglish Gwangju-si ?

Started by Yaya

MOVED: Anyone gaming during deskwarming????

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Anyone have this computer issue with chrome[I think this is the right sub-forum]

Started by taeyang


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