Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

HELP:"Don't Have sex with the students!"& Contract Renewal Issue

Started by SFSUisOK

Cutbacks in MOEs---what will you do?

Started by travis1983

GEPIK pay day

Started by Deesh

Ever had a law enforcement agency (US) not want to do fingerprints for FBI?

Started by travis1983

Bullied by co-teachers

Started by umbrellaofdoom

Anyone else have to go to an "education workshop?"

Started by tastytom

Employer saying I can't get severance if I leave on my contracted date

Started by shamash

New Privacy Software installed

Started by joseph921

MOVED: Exhausted and at a standstill

Started by taeyang

August or February intake

Started by Englishgraduate

MOVED: That's YOU in the spot-light (correcting co-teachers)

Started by taeyang

Boss wants to send me home three weeks after contract end date

Started by astoriagables

Contract Renewal Question

Started by new-waygook

Help! About contract renewal!!

Started by Mokona

Teaching Afterschool after Camp

Started by Dafinder

Requesting bigger settlement allowance/ advance on first paycheck?

Started by kt2000

First University Job Interview: What to expect?

Started by yojoe

I was smacked on the back hard by a kid today.

Started by rocketeerjoe

D-10 to an E2

Started by peach26

Leaving 5 days before my contract is up.

Started by Spadetiger

Three schools = Three summer english camps??

Started by songyliang

Contract renewal, notice period

Started by valium kilmer

Cell phone contract - E2 Visa

Started by machina1985

Korean background check.

Started by Here2day

From SMOE to a hagwon

Started by pt06dwo

Can you say no to after school classes?

Started by tausha12

Pension Public school teacher (UK citizen)

Started by Laurabrown19

Advice about pension (Declaring wages)

Started by jmfullbright

I just got told I can't have a working computer because I'm not Korean.

Started by rocketeerjoe

MOVED: Teaching two grades simultaneously without a co-teacher

Started by taeyang

Saying "NO" to recruiter

Started by gxlee002

matters related to a lost CELTA certificate

Started by kkakdugi

Letter of Release, Immigration Issues

Started by el_papelerito

Irish CRC - how to do when in Korea?

Started by waterfall12

after school company lost school contract

Started by redstar

Does race really effect your job opportunities and how you are treated?

Started by Old Brass

Respect given to NETs by students

Started by phrasalverb

epik orientation 2013?

Started by travis1983

Ridiculous Situation & EPIK Contract Dispute

Started by EPIKTeacher7

90 day criminal record check exemption

Started by trenchtownmixup


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