Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Finding a job once you're in country

Started by absolutist

Sexism in the Workplace

Started by ToulouseLautrec

E-2 Visa Transfer Confusion

Started by jimmysugarvi

Severance pay question

Started by Dafinder

Small group 50/50

Started by llolee

MOVED: Need to Find a Moving Company

Started by taeyang

ARC regulations

Started by pmotamedi

Contact email address needed for BMOE

Started by Bicky_in_Busan

Suggestions for making it to the end of a contract?

Started by tandygirl

Some Questions for International School Teachers

Started by KevinTeacher84

Claiming Pension refund twice

Started by nen33

MOVED: Do Not Work At Bupyeong Avalon!!

Started by Sprite06

Applying to Avalon English (Directly)

Started by gxlee002

Substitute Needed July 25-29, Aug 8-12 (Seocho (Seoul National Univ of Ed)

Started by ahart

Teaching multiple camps on one visa... possible?

Started by Andyc24_uk

Anyone done their contract renewal evaluation yet?

Started by iggyb

Pension Office and Plane Ticket

Started by teacher77

Get your CRC done in less than 4 days!

Started by grajoker

What happened?? recently changed to an F4 .. need help.

Started by elevatorup

Public school in Busan to Hagwon in Seoul?

Started by gigimorgan

Leaving early: how much tax will be deducted.

Started by Nics

Questions about termination from hagwon

Started by WindowJockey

Apsotilled Degree Question

Started by marksurendra

Which recruiters do public schools in Chungcheong bok do?

Started by noblet135

MOVED: Need Leads on High-Paying Jobs

Started by taeyang

Severance Pay

Started by Merryone

Used CBC channeler - mistake?

Started by karpatia

Good Recuiter for teacher already in Korea?

Started by DanO22

Need some waygook advice- leaving job after contract

Started by gmdietrich

MOVED: Questions about advanced-level hagwon curricula (Avalon, POLY, etc.)

Started by taeyang

Contract signed, but now I'm not sure...

Started by suisse

elementary assessment tests

Started by lenak

Korea visa process time

Started by travis1983

MOVED: Busan. 1 day/week extra class

Started by JeremyC

Housing contract I want to break.

Started by hanndan

Last minute E2 > D10 application - How late can I leave it?

Started by ailin

MOVED: English Library - Need book ideas

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Fresh vs freshest.

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Renewed ARC card with writing worn away

Started by taeyang

Question Regarding my end of year bonus

Started by jdp101


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