Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Applying to Avalon English (Directly)

Started by gxlee002


Started by dyst0pian

How can I file a complaint against someone in the education office?

Started by rstoker

Housing contract- advice needed please!!

Started by Lc6011

D10 to E2 process?

Started by sarajean

What is the etiquette in Korea regarding wedding invitations?

Started by jbrookin


Started by Hagwonslave

MOVED: Paradoxes of the English language.

Started by taeyang

My pay was cut b/c I'm not White

Started by rockwrangler

How many students in your classes

Started by hubbahubba

Anyone else's school delaying the semester?

Started by RogueFishFood

MOVED: Gyeonggi Schools Using CCTV in Bathrooms

Started by taeyang

Hogwon friend having 5 minutes added to each class

Started by amgoalng

Contract almost up questions

Started by WellNowWhat

After School Class...HELP!

Started by blingblingeyes

New public school after school program?

Started by dandred

CT's not using English creating an environment for students not to use it

Started by Msylissy22

Masters degree vs Teaching Degree for long term Korea

Started by mr

Choosing between hagwons, your two cents please!

Started by ohellaniyo

If students don't turn up for summer camp, is it your fault?

Started by phrasalverb

Public school in Incheon Vs. Pyeongtaek?

Started by orozcom

Inhabitant tax?

Started by Row

Quitting early - school keeping housing deposit for extra moving fees?

Started by sauronic

Summer/Winter Camps at public schools

Started by guest0929

Travel Between Jobs

Started by WellNowWhat

WARNING: *** (1 Month Temp) 19 August ~ 18 September (Seoul) (Sangil Station(상

Started by RandomTask

MOVED: Accessing online banking from outside of Korea

Started by taeyang

My last paycheck was cut in half

Started by Garth

When to get the D10?

Started by Here2day

A Lack of Communication, An Excess of Frustration!

Started by morgainenyl

EPIK teacher fan/AC and co-teacher issues. Help?

Started by robin_teacher

MOVED: What US Candy should we bring for students and others?

Started by taeyang

Questions about 30 day resignation

Started by Mlatte

Has anyone on an F6 visa been told schools don't like the F6 visa?

Started by dragoneyes

Can I get the money I earned while working in Korea?

Started by sugarcake

Was anyone here the last time there was a power outage?

Started by ladysearah

Misspelled middle name on diploma, will it matter?

Started by Lparsons7641

Is working with co-teacher stressful?

Started by phrasalverb

Pension Enforcement Authority

Started by ansananswers

Employee resignation form at end of contract?

Started by shamash


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