Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Renewal question: saying yes, but then having to leave?

Started by cccosmonaut

Hazard pay for desk warming

Started by thunderlips

MOVED: So basically no PD near me will fingerprint me

Started by taeyang

120,000 Won for a health check??? That's extortionate, right?

Started by misspigeon

Contract Renewal: Postponed from Oct 4 to Nov 1 - Anybody else?!?

Started by brentdws

New ARC after old one expired?

Started by tehayne

Preparing far in advance: end of contract vacation time (EPIK)

Started by jessica43452

Apsotilled Degree Question

Started by marksurendra

Recruiter and/or EPIK

Started by DutchDoll1988


Started by DutchDoll1988

How many classes do your co-teachers teach per week?

Started by Aqvm

asked about renewal after less than 5 months here...

Started by fl2sk

Is it illegal for foreigners with an E2 visa to work for private companies?

Started by imuh

Hagwon boss too busy to pay on time

Started by peach26

Housing allowance taxable?

Started by kgby143

School refusing to pay for overtime

Started by EvilToast

Kids Touching Your Hair

Started by Fraulion

Applying to public school/hagwon from inside Korea - what documents do i need?

Started by yellowpiano

Anti Foreigner Co-Teachers? GET's are useless! We don't need you!

Started by baw004

Previous job is under reporting my time at the school.

Started by ivandrago

SMOE Styles/Structure

Started by Shisner

Love in any language. Religious or not ??

Started by grajoker

Feeling useless at this school

Started by girly28girl28

School refusing to give a stamp/seal for a Letter of Recommendation... Unusual?

Started by buddy_eh

The little things that significantly contribute to feelings of isolation at work

Started by the mighty sergio

Eligible for tax exemption US citizens?

Started by xlialios

something fishy- How to contact EPIK directly

Started by LAJenney

Apostille for South Africans

Started by mteacher

Will having a Korean credit card impact credit score?

Started by GreenMan

Advice? Which school?

Started by hubbahubba

Foreign Prof Sabotaged Interview

Started by Janitor

Who pays for the Japan visa run?

Started by WickedBiccie

Hagwon in Sachang Jeoallanamdo(English Paradise Institute)

Started by orozcom

Getting the Cold Shoulder from Recruiters

Started by Jaunter

Was your recruiter busted for illegal recruiting?

Started by 2twiceasnice

Reprimanded for Being Blunt in Teacher Training Class

Started by RJones1989

CT Lesson Plan Mystery

Started by whitemapleleaf

Strange TAXES.... why?

Started by LAJenney

Part time job offer - What is a reasonable salary?

Started by funkybunch2006

Final month's pay for EPIK, not sure if I got the correct amount...

Started by alsopumpkinstuffing


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