Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Hitting and general violence

Started by ltisdale

Difficulties to get D10 from E7

Started by Lucky2019

Release Letter issue for E7-1

Started by Lucky2019

jobs over 3m

Started by lugubregondola

woosong paying upto 3.5m

Started by lugubregondola

how many students at your hagwon

Started by lugubregondola

Pagoda daily rate offer

Started by lugubregondola

Working without visa

Started by luke

MA TEFL in Seoul at IGSE

Started by lukedanieljones

CELTA in Korea

Started by lukedanieljones

JLP 2016

Started by Lunaella

Paperwork as a public school NET

Started by Lunaella

Anyone else's contract being cut short this year?

Started by lunarium


Started by luoldeng9

easier to obtain F4 Visa in USA or Korea?

Started by luoldeng9

Easier for gyopos to find non-teaching jobs in Korea than other foreigners?

Started by luoldeng9

Military service required for gyopos with NON-teaching jobs?

Started by luoldeng9

Jane's Foreign Language School, Gumi

Started by LURKER

Any Singaporean teaching in Korea?

Started by Luvlee

So sad- Angry moms

Started by Luvs2Teach

Take A Survey for a Book on Teaching English?

Started by lvzink

Required documents for returning teachers

Started by Lwal425

SMOE Renewal Bonus 2015

Started by LWattrus

Thinking about moving to South Korea

Started by Lyn

Visa help- getting a visa to work at a Korean company

Started by lynch2

Online Apostille Service and Quitting a Job

Started by lynzobergs

How much notice should you give when leaving a hagwon??

Started by L_orna

How far in advance can you sign a new contract

Started by m4773rs

Cell phone contract - E2 Visa

Started by machina1985

Hagwon Holidays

Started by machina1985

What are the differences between a school and hagwon?

Started by mackn

Is wearing a occlusal splint or braces bad for getting ESL jobs?

Started by mackn

Inappropriate adverts on ESL websites

Started by Maclean

Epik teachers forbidden from owning pets.

Started by Maclean

Gepik schools going over to Epik???

Started by Maclean

Another D-10 visa question.

Started by Maclean

Contact Cut 14 Days Early

Started by macmon00

Getting Lump~Sum Pension and coming back(more info inside)

Started by madagoldman

Discipline Woes and Boring Curriculums - What can I do?

Started by Madapple6

Need Advice.

Started by madison79


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