Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Not being giving full vacation Q...

Started by littlelena

EPIK Application Opening for Spring 2014?

Started by livelife2day

Just a quick warning for newbies: The social fund scheme is a total rip off

Started by livzy

Rent - paying in advance

Started by Lizelle

medical payments

Started by Lizelle

Educational resources/ Educational Material-Advice needed

Started by LizeUys

VP making me come in to get approval for sick day

Started by lizintranslation

negotiate a 6 month contract, or put in notice on a year contract?

Started by lizintranslation

$900 deposit

Started by li_09

300,000 settlement allowance - GEPIK

Started by li_09

Small group 50/50

Started by llolee

FBI background check for 3rd year...

Started by llolee

runner - visa, ARC, and pension questions

Started by lmagno

VISA run's for korea?

Started by Lo.Ft

Middle school NET; asked to do 4 HS classes at a different school. How??

Started by lobotronic

Pension Refund without plane ticket home?

Started by locke

Co-teacher passed away

Started by locke

Applying for DBS (UK CRB) check from Korea: Proof of address

Started by LockStock

Winter Break dates-- need clarification!

Started by locthebloke

Quit hagwon job, how long can I stay in korea

Started by lodub5785

Independent contractor Teacher worth it?

Started by LogoNano


Started by LogoNano

Contract review - not pension and tax info.

Started by LogoNano

Fbar tax question

Started by LogoNano

Should I Burn My CT On Her Way Out The Door?

Started by Loki88

Leaving contract one month early...any words of wisdom?

Started by Lola Teacher

Former boss won't pay my pension... what to do?

Started by lola27

Are hagwons a bad choice for 1st year applicants?

Started by lolfroza

Need clarity on job offers

Started by lollykh

Address on documents for visa question

Started by lollykh

How to get a CRC for teaching in Korea in the UK?

Started by lollykh

What is housing allowance?

Started by lollykh

Tape recorder

Started by loma0904

Effects of Quitting

Started by London Calling

Visa Problem

Started by longeileen3

Winter vacation during last 2 weeks of contract

Started by Loocy

6 Month Teaching Contracts

Started by lookitzserena

E-2 Visa and D-2 Visa

Started by lookitzserena

Tesol / Tesl usefulness and where to study in Korea

Started by loonykimchi

French and English bilingual, seeks advice on japanese job search

Started by Lorandre


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